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My 10 yr boy has a new nick name,, "No memory"! We work on homework for hours and hours. Going to bed I think, “he's got it". The next day he's back to square one. I don't know how many tests we've studied for that he has bombed. He knew it the night before! What happened! And they are going so fast that I can hardly keep up. He has a test every day it seams. It's like we are paddling as hard as we can up a rushing river. I know tricks to help him pay attention, I have tools to help his behavior, and I've learned ways to help him study. But I can't help him hang on to the material! I don't know what to do! His teachers are great. Sometimes we'll pull out material that I know they've covered and he's like, "I don't know if we’ve covered that or not. HELLO - Were you even in class??? He's not taking meds. We've chosen not to go that route. I'm so tired! And I'm sure he is exhausted! We (him included) are all trying so hard. I tell him every night, "I know you’re a smart fellow". But it seams that it always comes after a painful evening of studying and fussing, which dosen't seam quite fair.
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Name: pandamanda | Date: Mar 13th, 2008 1:01 AM
My daughter is 10 and has the exact same problem, NO memory. I am at my wits end and I don't know what to do. She is having major poblems in school and i don't know how to help her. It is frustrating. My daughter is on meds and that doesn't seem to help. I am at a loss. Sorry I was no help, but It makes me feel alittle bit better that she isn't the only one. 

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