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My son was on 50 mg of vyvanse since February for Inattentive ADD and we are now weaning him down since he started having side effects - vivid dreams that made him questions reality when he woke up, hard to talk to people. We had tried Concerta in 6th grade and Strattera in 8th grade with no real success so we didn't continue. Vyvanse seemed to be helping initially, but I'm starting to think he has a sensitivity to drugs but the doctor and psychologist who administered Psycho-Educational testing this fall really felt he needs something to make up for his lack of Dopamine. Very frustrating - not sure what to do next. He was also diagnosed with a Language Processing Disorder and has a math LD. We also suspect he has Anxiety but that hasn't been diagnosed. His grades have been all over the place - resists getting help (has a 504 plan in place) and doesn't advocate for himself. Considering doing Cyber School next year and hiring a teacher/tutor educated in ADD to try and get him on track - he's a 9th grader. Anyone out there have any suggestions or experiences that would help us move on from here? Thanks!
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Name: babgir | Date: Sep 2nd, 2012 2:41 PM
i dont hav any suggestions for u really but if he ever and i mean ever needs a friend to talk to i know it might be weird im a girl but im 16 i have server adhd and alot more but i have med problems to sooo i understand... but like i said if he ever wants to talk to me my email is [email protected] and im not a girl that will try to find everything out im just a girl to talk to kinda lol but if he would want to talk more in depth im fine with that but im not going to force him to talk to me if he wants to talk about this girl he likes ill talk to him about her if he wants to talk about how hes felling then he can talk to me about that lol but if he just wants to say hi im so and so how are you and not go any farther then im fine with that lol sooo just hav him message me if he wants to 

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