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This is not a judgment on anyone, it is a question as to your opinion on what I should do. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at 26 months. The developmental pediatrician agreed with me that medication was not a solution at the time. In fact, he was hopeful that she would be able to be taught how to deal with it, possibly avoiding medication.

She has received special services since then and now is in a program called Beginnings helping preschool children with developmental disabilites. The program is a 5 day a week, 5 hour a day program. She loves it! The school board places her in the program after evaluation recommendations and I am pleased with what they do.

However, at a school board meeting this week, the chair of the program and her teachers suggest that I put her on medication at this point. Her teachers asked the board for a 1-on-1 aide because of her impulsivity, although never mentioned this to me prior, and the board would like me to try her on medication first, actually stating that they couldn't agree to this aide until I tried the medication.

Obviously, I am sure you can tell by now I am very hesitant about putting her on meds. She is only 3 1/2 years old. I do not want to lose her personality to the meds. The Chair and teachers feel that I would be holding her back if I didn't though.

How young is too young to decide that she can be on them? Not knowing about meds for ADHD, can they be adjusted so that she doesn't lose herself in them? Am I just being selfish?
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Name: Serina to mikadnar | Date: May 24th, 2006 11:31 AM
I would tell them that YOUR Dr said that right now meda are not the answer. They have a hell of a nerve tell you to put your kid on meds!!! They are not the Dr, IUf they were having problems why is the answer always meds for schools. Teachers need to be able hand childern. Kids at 3 are implusive! DAAAAAAAAAA
This really pisses me off sorry . Yea give all the kids meds so the teachers do not have to look after active kids I mean come on.I think meds should be the last resource.
Have you put her on an ADHD diet it has help many? Omega III Fish oil or hemp seed oil???
Good Lucj & do not let them push you around!!! 

Name: victoria | Date: May 24th, 2006 9:56 PM

Name: Kris | Date: May 24th, 2006 11:36 PM
don't let the school try to tell you what to do!!!! these days that is all they want you to do is put your kid on meds! I would try no sugar for a while, try putting her to sleep early so she can get a good nights sleep, also omega III are good too! But my gosh she is only 3! Wait til maybe 6 or 7 before you try meds. 

Name: Serina S | Date: May 30th, 2006 12:28 PM
My step son is bipolar . He was diagnosted at age 3.I have found a great book called the Bipolat Child ByDemitiri Paplols MD & Janice Paplols. It help understanding but do not tell you what to do durring the uncontrolable rages episods.On the web I found a company called Brain matters. They show youa normal brain and a brain that is Bipolar.Dr Phil even had a show about bipolar
This a real prblem in the world today.
I know what you are going throught and you are not alone! I have been knocked to the ground , sworn at , and more. When he has calmed down he gets so mad at himself he wants to die.I was told to do a holding technique but that is hard!. You can get kicked in the face head butted. I do not think I can do it. My husband tried and ended up all black and bule and so did his son.The DCF gets call becuse they think YOU are hurting your kid. What is a parent to do??? He has beed in patient a few times. Right now life has been good. We do not have sugar in this house but only occasonal hiolday treat . Video\TV time is limited to 3hrs. a day , more than I like but better than all day!!!
We give him Omega III = fish oil this was recomended by the healthfood store nutritianist. I was been moths since we have had a violent out burst...Thank GOD!!!
They are always changing his meds . He is 13 now so in puberty the body chemicals are always changing. Once that is done they will be able to regulate hime better. They say he could even grow out of it but it does not happen very often. The brain pattern can change ater puberty .
My Brother inlaaws kids are ADHD andt heyhave seen such a huge diffreance putting them on the ADHD diet
I hope I have helped some. God belss you & give you peace!! 

Name: bigmomma6702 | Date: Jun 16th, 2006 1:52 AM
i tryed my 4 yr old on ridalin today. a half of pill after breakfast, and i saw no change. i gave him a full pill at lunch and he got calm, but his personality disapeared also. i took him to the park and i notice he wasn't playing with the other kids like he usally does, but he was playing in the sand quietly, and focused on only that. when i put him in the car i face my rear view mirror at him and made faces at him, usually he laughs, but this time he stared at me like i was an alien. i brought him home and he continued to do things out of character. then about 4 o clock the ridalin started to ware off, and he got 10 x more hyper than he originally was to begin with his eyes were glazed over, and he played with his tongue, (like meth addicts do) like a lizard. i think his mouth was dry. lets just say, today was enough for me to realize, yes, he is adhd, but no, i don't want my child to walk around like hes drugged. i hope my experience helps some of you out. 

Name: kevin 14 yrs old and has adhd | Date: Jun 21st, 2006 9:24 PM
dont put her on meds not untill shes like 8 at least when i was on meds i was depressed almost all the time but dont worrie its not permanit the depression wheres off about a hr after the meds kick in. i would take ur kid off the meds around age 12 or 13 but give her a choise to get off the meds or stay on um

and note i am not for sure if the meds will have a diferent effect on girls 

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