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My son just turned 6 and is in Kindgergarten. He is doing very well as far as his knowledge of the materials being covered, however, he can't sit still and has many days that he is "on red" at school for various behaviors. My husband is in denial but I truly believe our son has a mild case of ADD or ADHD. We don't want to give him medication, but I am open to other suggestions to help improve the situation. I guess as a parent, I want to see my child succeed and be well-liked, but at this point I feel like a failure b/c he is having such a difficult time at school.
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Name: Angela | Date: Mar 5th, 2010 4:14 PM
I am in your same exact shoes. My son(6yrs old, in 1st grade) has ADHD and was just diagnosed. I have tried everything from Suppliments like omega-3 6 &9, Attentive child vitamins, Reward for good behavior system, but nothing seems to work.
He is very vocal likes to be herd and will argue his case till he turns blue, He almost always says what he thinks and dosn't care how it hurts or sound to others. He dosn't sit in a chair he is always moving. He has to bring his seat work home to complete and what should only take a few minutes turns into a few hours and most of the time we have to wait till morning to complete just so he dosn't fall behind in school. When doing the work he can not focus he will answer a question with the correct answer but it takes 15minutes for him to get it from his brain to the paper. He will sit and talk about things from 3 weeks ago that have nothing to do with the task at hand then when I get his focus back on the work it starts all over again. When talking to his Dr. I was told it is a chemical imbalance in his brain he can not control that is why nothing is working. My husband was also in denial until I made him sit and attempt his homework & classwork for a week. We have decide to try the meds that the dr sugested (Vyvanse) it is supposed to be the safest meds for ADHD so far. I will not have him on the meds during the summer time cause he really doesn't need to focus. (Unless he expresses that he wants or needs the meds) I will be starting them on Sat. so I can observe his behavior and any side effects and keep my fingers crossed that this helps him. He is very smart he knows all the answers he just can not focus long enough to get the answer to paper. I wish you all the best ,it was an extremly difficult decision for me as well, but if he keeps going like he is he will not have any friends and will be deamed the "Bad kid" at school when in fact he isn't. 

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