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My 9yr old has ADHD she is on meds and they help to a degree. For the past couple of months she has been doing things that usually wouldn't be big deal but now she is doing things that puts the other kids in danger. Today for example she was suppose to hold my 2yr olds hand while I put my 1yr old in the car, she let go of his hand and he almost got hit by a car. She is not looking and has shut the toddlers fingers in several doors. One day she went outside and when she came back in she didn't put the chain back on the door and the toddler ended up accross the street. Dad was fixing a curtain rod in a bedroom at the time. It is getting so overwhelming and I hate that I am unable to trust her like I can our 8 yr old girl. I tell her all the time that her actions have consequences and we are a very structured (military) household. I am thinking about group therapy and martial arts to help her gain confidence within herself and maybe it will help her think before she acts. I don't know anymore!!!
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