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My son has been talking back and extremely disrespectful. My problem is how can I tell if it's just him growing up and testing his boundries or ADHD related?
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Name: melissa | Date: Sep 14th, 2005 7:02 PM
my son was diagonoised 4 months ago. for awhile i thought i was just a bad parent untill the school brang adhd to my attention. my son is 6 so i thought maybe this is just a 6 year olds behavoir. well its not. one constant crying ,dont sleep well, argumentive,impulusives,cant sit still,does things when they no there wrong but cant help it ,dont focus on things and one more in a good mood one minute than turn in a bad one the next minute those are some of the symptoms but i would talk to your ped if you have mostly these symptoms i did. hang in there! 

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