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My 4 yr old has ADHD and ODD. He will not sleep! I put him to bed at 8.He is usally still up fighting with me about it at 11 or 12.
Any advice?
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Name: Stephanie | Date: Dec 24th, 2005 9:18 PM
I have this same problem with mine during nap time. He REFUSES to sleep. But at bed time he is usually to tired to fight it but so long and sleep catches him. BUT when he is sleeping his legs are kicking everywhere, he is rolling around arms all out, snoring and grinding his teeth. A very violent fitful sleeper. I know this wasn't helpful but you are not the only one dealing with the sleeping battle. Maybe someone else has something better to offer. 

Name: Steph | Date: Jan 4th, 2006 2:13 AM
My daughter with ADHD take clonidine to get to sleep. Otherwise she's up until 11pm or 12pm. However, my son who has PDD-NOS, is also diagnosed with a sleeping disorder. He took clonidine as well. I would get him to sleep within a half an hour. But, he'd only sleep for about three hours. So, now he takes Trazadone with Tenex. Tenex is like clonidine, but it is weaker and longer acting. The Trazadone seems to be what keeps him asleep through the night. In the morning, he takes Tenex. It allows him to nap during the afternoon for about an hour. If he sleeps well through the night, once he's asleep, maybe clonidine will do the trick. Hope this helps. 

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