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about 6months ago my very hyperactive 4yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD. the doc has put him on ridiline(not sure of spelling). Does anyone have any advice?? I tried the liguid form but my son refuses to take it no matter what i try. I don't know and a part of me wonders if he is to young for such a medication. please anyone advice will help
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Name: nfleck | Date: Feb 16th, 2007 8:09 PM
My son will be 5 in july he was to on ritalin. Idid not like some of the side affects or the fact he did not want to take it. after my own reserach I convinced his doc to try him on fokalin xr. Their are not as many side affects and it is a capsil that you can open and sprinkel on appelsause. My son is doing better on this hen the ritalin and he does not even know he is taking it. 

Name: silentraven22 | Date: Feb 17th, 2007 1:48 PM
thanks, how is your son doing? 

Name: mar22 | Date: Feb 18th, 2007 5:47 AM
my son started meds when he was four as well but it was the pill i put it in yogurt on a spoon it took a while till he got the hang of the routine but when he new it was the same thing everyday he eventually gave in and started to take it with out a fight it took a good three weeks remember these kids love routine and if its dirupted it takes them awhile to adapt to a new one especially when it comes to meds best of luck 

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