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Name: hali mitchell
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Hi my name is hali and I am 13. And I have ADHD. It is very hard I am always hiper so I cant go to sleep when I want then I sleep in class. I cant do alot of things but I try anyway . Since I am so hiper I get annoying say my freinds thats why I dont have very many.But I try not to cry when people are mean and pick on me. I also am short i am 4'11 and I get picked about it. So every day I try my hardest and try to make it through the day. I just wish my freinds could see this and see how I feel and stop being rude to me.I just hope i helped or made an inpact on someones life.
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Name: axm2816 | Date: Feb 1st, 2006 4:25 AM
have you talked to you parents about taking youto consuling or something it might help with the stress of life sweetie 

Name: charmaine | Date: Feb 15th, 2006 12:28 PM
thakyou iam 17 and i am like u i dont have many friends cos they cal me annoying i find it hard to slep and end up sleeping in class colege im in i was diagnosed but i have to get my proper diagnosis on mon and i may need meds 

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