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Name: mar22 | Date: Jul 28th, 2007 4:08 AM
gcn30, what do you do copy and paste the same message after a period of time? this is the exact message of a few months ago and quite frankly getting old. Obviously you havent done your research and only acting on assumptions. sounds to me like your a pot stirrer and love the reactions of people who may respond to your message. I would like to know why you feel this way? Do you have a personal experience that we should no about? where did you do your research? i want the facts and proof of what you are saying is true as you are saying so?so back your self up with the facts ill be waiting. 

Name: mom2nadhdson | Date: Mar 12th, 2008 4:20 PM

Name: KathyK | Date: Mar 15th, 2008 10:37 PM
My son who is 6 has had tics for a while and I am convinced that it is from the medication. He is on Focalin 20mg in the morning and 10 mg after school. I have to take him to the doctor to get his meds changed but our appointment is not for a while now.
He has facial tics where he licks his lips alot and he talks constantly and fast and sometimes can't get his thoughts out and keeps repeating himself alot. He also has hand and finger movements that are making me crazy. I hate to see him like that and there is nothing I can do until I get his meds changed. 

Name: agold | Date: Mar 24th, 2008 4:00 PM
hi i am new here my two sons are just being seen by camhs they think my ten year old has adhd and tics and my older son who twelve has add . when diagnosed what help is there.do you think medication has helped/ can i claim dla any replys will help thanks 

Name: uluru | Date: Apr 22nd, 2008 10:58 AM
hi i keep telling people to chek my squidoo page, adhd "raising connor" it may give you more of an insight into these tics, it could be stress, or tourettes, i tried medication to no avail, my son now takes eye q, and weve seen a diffrence, hope this helps. 

Name: uluru | Date: Apr 22nd, 2008 11:06 AM
agold you can claim dla and carers allowance hun get what your entitled to, ok, email me if you need help with the forms,
[email protected] or just a chat. 

Name: J's Mom | Date: Apr 28th, 2008 8:55 AM
Concerta 36mg now was increased over the last year from 27 mg. Now Tics started but I have no diagnosis yet. I was told by my family doctor might be an allergy, yet there is no red eyes or runny nose and Claritan for children 24 hr. did not make the involuntary eye movements disappear. It did make him less sleepy. I'm thinking that how good is Concerta if my child can not concentrate because of the tics it causes which also affects his social life and ability to ride a bike a straight line? Are we over medicating our children? 

Name: sam | Date: May 1st, 2008 2:36 AM
I am new at this,but I am nervous. My son will start Focalim tomorrow. amy Advice 

Name: CoastieWife | Date: May 8th, 2008 3:14 AM
My son is 5 yrs old with severe ADHD. He was first put on Focalin 5mg but that didnt work for him. It took a rollercoaster effect on him. One minute he was fine, the other minute he was angry and and yelling, from that he was crying and very depressed. I was so concerend about his mood swings that we switched his meds to Daytrana 10 mg. It worked WONDERS! He was on the patch for 2 1/2-3 weeks when I noticed him twitching his nose. I thought it was b/c he had a little cold and his nose was bothering him so I didnt think much. He got better but the "ticks" didnt go away. I immediately called his doc and took the patch off right away! His doc said our last option was Strattera. A non stimmulant which wouldnt make him twitch. So hes been on Strattera 10 mg for a week and today I just uped it to 18 mg. I dont really see this working yet, but he did say it took about 3 weeks or so for this to start working. The ticks have not gone away and I am very concerned! though the doc did said it would go away in a few weeks.... I pray that it does b/c a pier asked me today why he does that with his face! 

Name: karryn | Date: May 27th, 2008 1:54 AM
hi my son age 5 was in kinda, when he was assessed by a psychologist and seen by a peadiatrician and 2 other leading specialists in ADHD. As the diagnosis is difficult to accept and as he was so young I wanted to be sure it was ADHD and not developmental. Which it wasn't, I knew underneath as he was always angry, difiant impulsive and extremely active. He started on ritalin straight away, he's been on concerta for 7 months now. he has developed tics, biting nails and fingers, throat clearing and a constant dry cough. I have seen him calm down and focus and sit still at school, overall a great improvement but he won't eat and the tics have stayed. I never wanted him on medication but I thought there was no choice. I searched for alternative and found neurotherapy he attends 2-3 times a week, and has done for 3 months now. He can listen, process and communicate now, he thinks and can have conversations he can remember songs and recall things that happen at school and his tics have disappeared. He doesn't rebound at night an go hypo and manic anymore. There has been no trouble at school since, his teacher says he's a pleasure. After 32 sessions of neurotherapy I took him off concerta for a trial and saw his ADHD had improved but not enough to keep him off medication just yet. We will trial him again in another couple of months and hopefully the outcome will mean no medication for good this time. Neurotherapy really works but takes timeand patience. I saw hope for my son with neurotherapy as he has suffered the effects of ADHD for so long and as mothers we will do all we can for our kids. 

Name: TJ's Mom | Date: Jun 11th, 2008 4:45 PM
This is in response to Karryn. I have a 12 year old that we have been battling since he was in 1st grade. He has been diagnosed with ADHD since 2nd grade. They have also suggested OCD, OC and possible Tourette's. He jumps and bounces everywhere, picks his ears til they bleed, previously had eye and neck tics as well as clearing his throat. He has been on a variety of meds over time but the effectiveness continues to decline. Can you tell me more about neurotherapy? I've not had it suggested. We have seen pediatrician, neuropsychologist, pediatric pychiatrist and psychologist. Any suggestions would be great!! 

Name: karryn | Date: Jun 15th, 2008 1:14 PM
To Tj's mum, from Karryn. Neurotherapy or biofeedback as it is also called. Is a treatment for adhd, depression, migraines, pain management,drug addiction, epilepsy, learning disorders and numerous other things. Treatment can be between 10 -60 sessions depending on the severity, mostly covered by medicare which has been great as I'm a single mum. Firstly a tova test is done which is also called the clicking test, a computer test which measures how impulsive the child is. Then theres the brain map, the neurotherapist puts electrodes on the scalp and measures fast normal and slow brainwave activity via a computer screen. The results are given about a week later and a report is made by the neurotherapist. Then the sessions can start as the neurotherapist knows how to treat the hot spots or brainwaves that are to slow or to fast and train them to fall into the normal brainwave range. To train the brainwaves an electrode is placed on the spot on the scalp, electrical brainwave activity is measured via a computer and trained operator under the guidance of the neurotherapist. Then the brainwaves are sent back to the recipient through another computer in the form of a game. Then the brain recognises that these brainwaves aren't normal and the brain corrects itself through a reward system and using the senses of sight and sound. The process is non evasive, the electrode measures activity, nothing is fed into the brain, it is not unsafe, it can only make the brain function better. It is very calming and my son is very happy to go to neuro as he knows it's helped him heaps. My son's GP, paeditrician and psychologist hadn't heard of this either until I started, now they all want updates of his progress and totally support him. Neurotherapy has been around in Australia for 25yrs, it isn't mainstream therapy here yet, It,s a lot more well known in the USA. Check out the sites on the internet theres heaps. Sometimes you have to try something a little different ! I was pleasantly surprised after the first few sessions and my son was severe ADHD and oppositional and agro. We,re in Melbourne, where are you? 

Name: Renai | Date: Aug 7th, 2008 5:52 AM
This is to Karryn,
I have a little girl who is 9, she has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD.She was prescribed Dex for 6 weeks and then introduced to Ritalin.Prior to Ritalin she had ticks like picking her nose and nails that seems to have stopped since meds.
I am writing this as I am very interested in neurotherapy, we are in Melbourne.Where is it and is it expensive. I looked at the dore program and they wanted $6ooo.
my email is [email protected] Please let me know where this is in Melbourne. Also I am looking for support groups in Melbourne area if you could let me know if you know of any .
I hope to hear from you.
Cheers Renai 

Name: eveland | Date: Sep 10th, 2008 10:19 AM
Hi just found this site and glad i did, I have 5 childern my second child is now 7 years old and has had tics since he was 17 months old, his tic was stiffening his facial mussells and catching his breath as he got older these tics got worse when we would go out shopping he would do his tics alot and people would stare at him because the faces he would make really didnt look normal he would also stiffen his whole body and clench his hands open and close whin he started school the teachers realised he had a learning problem. I have not given any medication to him as i know that some medication will make his tics worse and he allready does the tics alot and i dont want to make him any worse. Recently he has started making noises and clearing his troat which sounds horrible but i can only hope that this will not last long but so far there has been no signs of him stopping this the other thing i hace noticed with him is seems to be getting very upset about the smallest of things and crys very easy, this leads to him then getting very angry and you can see the anger and fustration in him. He is very loud in everything he does he just cant seem to be quiet in anything he does or says, which i hace to admit can get me down. Another child the third in the family also has a learning problem is also very loud and accident prone he has different behaviour problems than the second child but i also think that he has a mild form of tics as he seems to do alot of eye blinking but he seems to go through stages of this. My fourth child is a little girl of 3 and a half and has had tics since before she turned 2 again this is stiffening her body including her face and making song like noises she will be starting school shortly so only time will tell. So the moral of my story is medication did not cause tics in any of my childern as the ticks were there first before i realised that they had any other problems. What i am not convinced of is the mmr as my second child changed over night after he got that injection. the third child never got his mmr till he was nearly 2 and a half and my fourth child the wee girl got her mmr and she was about 19 months. I have a baby of 19 months that has not had the mmr yet because i am afraid that he will change i know it sounds daft but i cant get rid of the feeling that it adds to the problem of tics and adhd if anyone out there has the same worry let me know. 

Name: Angie-Mom of 4 | Date: Sep 24th, 2008 3:39 PM
I have been dealing with the "tic" issue too. My 5 yr old son has been on meds for 3 months now. We are now trying our 3rd medication, Vyvanse. My son has ADHD and his tics which were not very noticable before are very noticable when he is on the ADHD meds. He shruggs his shoulders all the time, none stop. He rubs his head and makes a smacking/clicking sound with his mounth. He was off meds for a week before starting the Vyvanse two days ago. The "tics" went away duing the week off meds. Now they are back. 

Name: julian | Date: May 23rd, 2009 2:23 AM
Hello Parents yes I am a child and i have ADHD and terrets. I am 11 years old and i have alot of tics that i cannot control. If yu know how to control it please call me at 561 891 4414 

Name: gumball | Date: Jul 11th, 2009 3:27 PM
i hear ya! sounds like your lad has assoisiated ocd condition,...but im no xpert,....adhd often has an assosiated condition right behind it thats brewing but not noticable until the child realizes consenquences from ca. age 9 and up,...b4 that age thoughts just come and go,..but when u have adhd the thoughts get stuck and wont move on, then overfocusing are the resaults,...the more u think the more u can think............my lad has adhd and low and behold at the age og 10 he started with the rituals of picking and voice sounds,.(cough/clearing of throught) and then he startded with the hand washing,...wouldnt toutch anything that was xposed by public ,...washed continueously,....i then brought him to the dr. and he had to receive cognetive therapy "xposure" i then asked him about the tics,...he said that it can b assosiated,...i notice it xpecially when my lad gets stressed or frustrated,...the tics get worse,...and my lad is not on medication, so u can ask your dr. if there could b an assosiated condition since what you have xperienced with your lad is a mirror image of mine,...my lad is diagnosed adhd/ocd. good luck and i wish the best for u and yours. 

Name: Dee | Date: Jul 17th, 2009 3:14 AM
My son was on Medadate and started getting ticks...it was so noticable that people would comment who didn't even know he was on medicine. As soon as we talked to his doctor, his rx was changed to Focalin and it has been so much better. I would try a different med. 

Name: Elizabeth | Date: Sep 24th, 2009 3:30 PM
My child has been on foclin now for 3 year. She is 9 and has trouble with tics as well. My child scratches her ears until they bleed and have scabs. She is constantly picking at her feet, arm, and hands as well. I don't know what to do about it either. I try to ignore the tics so she will not be contious, but it is hard because to me it seems like it would be easy to just stop but I know she can't. I don't have any real advice but to just keep truckin on!! 

Name: Haz | Date: Sep 29th, 2009 5:09 PM
My 8yr old son is on Ritalin. I feel we should not even put our kids on meds! what is normal acceptable behaviour? I m puzzled, when his out in d park or any outdoor play, his so fun loving, no one will notice or suspect he has ADHD. When he was in private school (18mth - 4yr old), school was a breeze. praises. 15 students per class, clustered into smaller group full of activities. When he started public school which is 28 student in a class, 'he comes home teling me school is boring, nothing to do. freq mischief and complaints. now still ace in class with medication, still with complaints, well at least his honest to admit and confides in me when he up to his mischief. Is he just being a boy? try reward chart system. i have yet to try the health supplement EFALEX. i heard is good and to use concurrent with meds, and when manageable, can be off d meds... anyone tried it? 

Name: itsagift | Date: Oct 4th, 2009 5:39 PM
Hello, as a individual with adhd/add I have been doing some intense research into the "disorder" and one of the areas im working on is understanding the "tics" most of them are sensory stimuation i have found thus far, things like playing with hands and feet. now this stimulation is happening non conciously as the brains way of stimulating the sensory recepors, to increase the dopamine release in the brain over a synaps. you will find these "tics" will become more evident when the person is trying to consentrate or working on problems. As a university student now, i have developed many tricks to work with my adhd/add, one of them is listening to music while i study, now i didnt understand why this worked till just recently when i decided to do more research on adhd and began to fully understand what was going on in my brain/body. on another note i was able to fully matriculate high school with out the use of medication, though used in im elementry school when first dignosed. the best way to address adhd/ add uses is to get a better understanding of the "disorder" but i like to call it a gift!! 

Name: Tricia | Date: Jul 30th, 2010 1:54 AM
I have a 9yr old whom was diagnoised with adhd,add,and odd!!He is on meds but isnt helping and hes getting worse. He has no respect for me. He wants to hit,kick, punch his 5yr old brother..The pediatrician said he thought my son would grow out of it..And it is worse he has been on meds since he was 4yrs old...It is getting very difficult to care for him he refuses to listen.Now he stays up all night till 6am and sleeps till 4or 5 in the evening.I'm not sure what to do. And I really feel he has developed something more then add,adhd,and odd.. 

Name: Search | Date: Mar 12th, 2011 5:14 AM
I feel like i have been reading about my situation over and over and evev had a few ahha moments. My son started on straterra, but got bad anxiety, then we went to concerta which worked great for about a year, bot he sniffed, constantly...drove me crazy! Took him to the doctor, the allergy specialist, who gave him a nasal inhaler for irritated sinuses. Then one day i noticed he was blinking funny, started to research on the internet and learnnthat sniffing is a tic, as was the winking and now i realize, so is his constant nail and toenail picking. His nails are also ragged and bleeding. He also started to complain of a lot of nausea and headaches and stomachaches! The ped reccommended to try clonodine which has been working great for about 5 weeks, but teachersnare now saying he is more distracted then ever. They so no behavioral issues, but out of his desk 10to 20 times ans spinning circles. I also worry about his social abilities, he is sensitive, hard on himself, and i see low self esteem developing. I want so bad for him to not struggle into his early teen years...he is 10 now. Has anyone tried Intunive?
Sorry for rambling, this site feltnlike a miracle tonight! 

Name: jennifer | Date: Apr 16th, 2011 5:12 PM
HELP!!!!my 7 year old was diagnosed with add about months ago..hes had it since he was 4 i personally think..im at wits end with him,lost,dont know what to do..i have 4 kids hes my middles son,i try giving more attention to him,doesnt seem to work!!now he has started like cracking his neck..ALL the time he rolls it,pulls his head back n forth..this has progressively gotten worse...is it a tic associated with the ADD??any info is much appreciated!!! 

Name: tina | Date: Apr 24th, 2011 11:51 PM
hi i have a 7 year old who was diagnosed a little over a year ago with ADHD weve tried a couple of meds hes been taking focalin for a while though along with clonodine at night but his tics got worse so we took him off the focalin per docs orders. im just scared these tics will be permanent or get worse like they seem to already have. doc wants to put him on klonopin for the tics but i dont know, ive lost faith-going form one med to another over and over. i feel sad for my son, i dont know what to do. 

Name: Abby_Normal | Date: Apr 27th, 2011 7:16 PM
I have a 16 yr old and an 8 year old who both have adhd. My main problem with my oldest is that when he is off his meds he gets overly mean. He will say meaner than usual things or just play too roughly with his other siblings. He can't tell he is doing it. He has been on and off many different meds since he was 8. He is noticing a lot more of his behaviors and changes in them thanks to his friends. They point things out to him and he actually will listen to them. (because you know that no teenagers EVER listen to their parents!) I have never noticed any tics from him and he is now on the concerta 54.
Now my 8 year old has been on concerta since kindergarten. We too had the teacher BEGGING us to take him to get checked out. And at the end of the first week that he was on medication she was thanking us. She saw such an improvement and he would actually sit and pay attention in class.
I have noticed though that if he is not on his meds he talks..... A LOT....no really...NON STOP. He also does the hair thing. This is new,maybe just the past few months. He is sort of making himself stop when he notices he is doing it. He is overly sensitive and hates to be scolded. He can cry at the drop of a hat over anything at any given time.
The only other thing I have noticed that I am concerned about is he has started eating paper. He can be in class,on the bus or at home and he will just start eating it like it is nothing. I don't think he is looking for attention, he just mindlessly does it.
Is this a sort of tic or something unrelated? 

Name: Abby_Normal | Date: Apr 27th, 2011 7:24 PM
I also wanted to add that my 8 year old has a terrible time sleeping. It will take him hours of tossing and turning to go to sleep. There have been nights he didn't sleep at all. He has had drenching night sweats and awful nightmares too.
His dr added intuniv to help with the sleeping problem. It helps a little. But he can still be like the energizer bunny if not watched like a hawk and put back in bed immediately each time he gets up to roam the house.
Another side note....my 16 year old has been diagnosed with bi-polar for as long as he has the adhd.
I have been thinking that my 8 year olds mood swings could be bi-polar also but his dr treats me like I am an idiot if I ever mention what I think is going on with the kids. ( from ear infections and anything else that is wrong)
I am not a new mother who hasn't been around the block yet. I have 4 kids and been doing this for 16 years now. I just call them as I see them. I may not always be right,but shouldn't feel scared to bring something up either. 

Name: Lorraine | Date: Jun 1st, 2011 1:10 AM
My son is 10 and has been at least eight different meds since he's been six. evreything we give him gives hime side effects. mostley sick to his stomac also gets very angry on certain meds. right now he's on concerta and stretarra. and he's laying on the couch throwing up. I cant stand to watch him suffer. schools out soon I think i'm gonna take him off evreything for now. the doctor said we are running out of options as far as medicenes go. 

Name: Concerned Mother at large | Date: Sep 12th, 2011 6:45 PM
I just found this website and I am seeing a major trend here. My son is 10 yrs and has been on Focalin XR since his 1st grade year. Only taking it during the school year (school days not weekends) His doctor upped the dosage last semester to 15MG and he began having tics for the first time. From reading the entries on this site, there are other children that have ADHD/ADD much worse than my child as he only had a little trouble focusing in class. I trusted his doctor to help me do the right thing. When the tics started I reported it to his doctor and she only told me to give him melatonin at night. I recently found that if a child taking this medication begins to have tics it should be stopped right away..something his doctor never mentioned. This doctor came highly recommended and has a huge waiting list just to become a patient. My son has been seeing her since he was born and now I am lost because I no longer trust her. I have begun to wonder if doctors and schools use this diagnosis (ADHD/ADD) as a catch all for all behavior issues. My son was diagnosed in kindergarten because he was making drooling puddles on his desk instead of paying attention to his teacher. It was very hard to take because his per-school teacher told me he was so far advanced that he should skip kindergarten all together and just begin first grade. Now, my son exhibits every bad symptom that is listed on this is medication and my doctor just wants to maybe "try something new". when I confronted her about the research I had done, stating that there is no real research as to the long term side-effects of this medication and other stimulates used for ADHD/ADD treatment she admitted that there really isn't and it is a trial and error system. We just have to see what effects the meds have and then go from there. NOT acceptable!! My son had none of the symptoms I have found except for his lack of focus in school. Which I think could just be that he is bored. He has was reading at a 6th grade level when he was 5yrs old. Even now, there is not much that they teach him at school that he does not already know. He was off the medication all summer and still experienced some of the tics and now that school started, and he is back on the meds, he has even more tics. I took him off of them this past week and he is already experiencing some relief. I am working on trying chiropractic care instead as I have a friend who suffered severely from ADHD and has no symptoms at all...and praises chiropractic care for this. He was suicidal from the medication and the tics and other ADHD symptoms and now has none of them at all. My son does not suffer from ADHD/ADD as so many others but I feel that giving our children these drugs is not the answer. Knowing what I know now, the medication may have caused permanent brain damage and I am utterly disgusted with the medical community that promotes these drugs on children. I want to let every know that I went with the crowd and did what the doctors told me was best for my son and now I may have damaged my son. Their little brains are still growing and there is no real research as to what all these drugs will really do to them. Just feeding our youth pills to keep them under control is not the answer. And I am one that believed in the system. Think about what I am saying here. Read others entries on tics and see the same thing over and over...I gave my child the medication, and now they have tics...it is in almost every entry. This is the proof the medication is damaging our babies. I pray for those of you whose children have sever ADHD and combinations of other illnesses and I know you are at your wits end...but these medications may be making things worse and you do not even know it. I am asking that you question your doctors each and every time they offer up a new merical drug cure for your child. Taking one medication to address the side-efects of another. It is like the old story about the old maid that swallowed the fly and then swallowed the spider to kill the fly and so on.... 

Name: KJ | Date: Sep 16th, 2011 4:13 PM
I am a nurse and didn't realize how big of a problem adhd in children was. I thought 'hyperactive' kids were given meds too quickly and easily. When my 3rd daycare insisted I take him to get medically evaluated or they would no longer care for him, I took him in at age 3! I kept saying "he can sit and watch a whole movie without getting up or getting distracted". Little did I know that there are different types of adhd. My son's problem is that he has absolutely no impulse control. It was dangerous, he never learned from mistakes and was constantly trying to run...into traffic, into pools, into anything. My husband and I never took him anywhere alone, it was just too hard to handle this handful of a boy. I would sweat when paying at the grocery store, just trying to hang onto him while I paid. The minute he could, he would run and FAST and wouldn't stop. We had alarms on every door and had to nail the windows shut in his room or he would open them and RUN! It was crazy. I agreed to try a stimulant after a thorough workup with a medical doctor who specialized in this. It was like night and day! I could take him places and he wouldn't run. I wasn't sweating anymore when paying at the grocery store! He was participating in preschool and playing with other kids without being aggressive. It has been a miracle...he is still the same person, just making better decisions and has been able to control his impulses. That is when I realized adhd was real and no joke! My husband and I have raised him with love and stability. I do believe this is a genetic disorder in my son, that there was nothing we could do to 'fix' him. He is 7 now and has been on a stimulant since age 3. Adderall has worked the best and he takes Trazadone at night which has seemed to help improve his anxiety. However, he has been having a lot of trouble in school again after having gone through a nearly perfect year last year. I guess what I am seeing would be classified as 'tics'. I am ashamed to say this since I am a nurse but I never put two and two together and realized these tics may be from his medication. What he does is hard to explain, but I will try. When exhaling, he blows the air out very loudly; he also pauses in the middle of saying a word and states the last half twice. Everyone has asked him why he does this and he doesn't know that it's happeneing or theres something different about it. His teachers have also reported grunting and him clenching his fists a lot when frustrated. The breathing alone is distracting the rest of his class. His psychiatrist is going to start him on Tenex which sounds like a good idea. I am hoping it improves these things because he gets asked all the time why he does it and people are obviously annoyed by it when around him. I think adhd is no joke...I have seem the differences made with meds with my own eyes. There has been a few days we tried him off Adderall and my husband and I said "NEVER AGAIN". He takes off on his bike without telling anyone, break every egg in the fridge, talks extremely loud and ALOT and even states he feels a lot better when he takes his pill. 

Name: Rhonda | Date: Oct 17th, 2011 4:24 AM
My 10 year old son has been making weird noises and sounds with his throat. You cannot touch him with the palm of your hands, or he goes haywire. Also, he is starting to repeat the last word at the end of his sentences sometimes. You cannot put your feet on a table or rub anything with the palm of your hands that he can see. He is scared that someone if going to break into the house and has to make sure that the doors are locked at night. These are the new habits. Last year at school he was bullied so badly that he "literally" pulled his hair out and had a bald spot. After several notes to the principal and teacher, the bullying did not stop. Finally, he snapped (this is when he stopped pulling his hair out) and fought back to the point that any child who tried to bully him would be bleeding from his punch. Each and every time, my child would not get into trouble, because he was never the one to start it. Also, I had asked for help for him, he never got it and was bullied by the teacher for his behavior and my request to make the bullies leave him alone in front of the class, so my child did what he had to do to be left alone. We are in a new school year now, and I can only wonder why he has new habits and why they seem to happen more often. I have rambled alot too because I am at my whits end! Same here with my child and the routines. Also, my child has a tapping habit with glasses or whatever is in his hand and also double, tripple blinking his eyes. I am going to speak with his new teacher to see if he has noticed any of this behavior at school. If he says no, then I will try to adapt to it and hope that he outgrows it. Just waiting to see what happens. He just started a new school year and I have found out that he has been in a fight already with a classmate who kept on shoving him. After being shoved several times, and asking the boy nicely to stop, my son punches him and they start fighting. Again, my son was not punished because the class told the teacher what happened. I wonder if he feels intimidated, angry at the whole world due to the bullying he had to put up with at school last year? Just quessing. My child is not on any medications.He does get off track sometimes as far as focusing of one task goes. I have noticed that when there is alot going on and if our routine changes, he makes more noises. We are talking about a sweet child who saw no wrong in the world until last school year. He tried to be everybody's friend, was quiet and never said anything bad about his fellow students. I cannot really offer you any advice. I was wondering if your child has been bullied or hasseled at school? I just wanted someone who had a similar problem to talk to. 

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