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Name: Rhonda | Date: Oct 17th, 2011 4:24 AM
My 10 year old son has been making weird noises and sounds with his throat. You cannot touch him with the palm of your hands, or he goes haywire. Also, he is starting to repeat the last word at the end of his sentences sometimes. You cannot put your feet on a table or rub anything with the palm of your hands that he can see. He is scared that someone if going to break into the house and has to make sure that the doors are locked at night. These are the new habits. Last year at school he was bullied so badly that he "literally" pulled his hair out and had a bald spot. After several notes to the principal and teacher, the bullying did not stop. Finally, he snapped (this is when he stopped pulling his hair out) and fought back to the point that any child who tried to bully him would be bleeding from his punch. Each and every time, my child would not get into trouble, because he was never the one to start it. Also, I had asked for help for him, he never got it and was bullied by the teacher for his behavior and my request to make the bullies leave him alone in front of the class, so my child did what he had to do to be left alone. We are in a new school year now, and I can only wonder why he has new habits and why they seem to happen more often. I have rambled alot too because I am at my whits end! Same here with my child and the routines. Also, my child has a tapping habit with glasses or whatever is in his hand and also double, tripple blinking his eyes. I am going to speak with his new teacher to see if he has noticed any of this behavior at school. If he says no, then I will try to adapt to it and hope that he outgrows it. Just waiting to see what happens. He just started a new school year and I have found out that he has been in a fight already with a classmate who kept on shoving him. After being shoved several times, and asking the boy nicely to stop, my son punches him and they start fighting. Again, my son was not punished because the class told the teacher what happened. I wonder if he feels intimidated, angry at the whole world due to the bullying he had to put up with at school last year? Just quessing. My child is not on any medications.He does get off track sometimes as far as focusing of one task goes. I have noticed that when there is alot going on and if our routine changes, he makes more noises. We are talking about a sweet child who saw no wrong in the world until last school year. He tried to be everybody's friend, was quiet and never said anything bad about his fellow students. I cannot really offer you any advice. I was wondering if your child has been bullied or hasseled at school? I just wanted someone who had a similar problem to talk to. 

Name: Karsten | Date: Jan 21st, 2012 9:50 PM
To have all your questions answered please go to www.adhdrelief.weebly.com and fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page. ;)

ps: I am a school teacher! 

Name: ann | Date: Feb 6th, 2013 1:32 AM
My son has adhd and has got tin a tick from his meds if I take him off his meds will they go away 

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