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I have 3 sons all with ADHD. My husband has ADHD as well. I have tendancies but have never been formally diagnosed because I have fibromyalgia which has similar symptoms.

Anyway....my boys had been on just about every ADHD med out there over the years. All with their pros and cons. They finally ended up on plain old ritalin. I do not say this lightly it was horrifying for me to put my boys on the meds but could see no other hope. They were out of control, very impulsive and tantrums were horrible at times and schoolwork was pretty impossible. There were times I felt like I could not deal with one more day. So...needless to say we found help with the meds. Well after years of the side effects....very poor eating, sleep problems, not their own personalities, ticks etc I had pretty much had it. But, I had no idea how to fix it...and yes we had tried just the diet thing and could not seem to get a good enough solution. I then found that through research that the exposure to chemicals in our homes can be a huge contributing factor to ADHD as well as a poor diet. So, I completely removed the harmful chemicals and started using safer versions. We no longer use bleach, ammonias, lysol, you know typical household chemicals. The boys also take a patented vitamin, mineral and a supplement that helps with circulation (especially blood flow in the brain). My youngest also takes a supplement containing St John's Wort that helps with his mood swings. We now have 3 boys who are functioning very normally. I can tell the days they forget to take their vitamins but even without them they are better than they were before we made the changes. Their allergies and asthma have also improved immensely! My fibro is better too! It has to be directly related to getting the household chemicals and cleaners switched over to safer products and incorporating the vitamins, minerals and supplements. We changed nothing else in our home! I will tell you the vitamins and minerals we take have one of the highest absorption rates on the market. Many people do not know that minerals are very hard to absorb to a cellular level. We have found a vitamin and minerals that you can get am 85-95% absorption rate with!

This has been a real blessing in our life! I have my boys back and know that they do not have to depend on script meds for the rest of their life!!

I think we all need to take a closer look at ADHD and many of the other illnesses that our plagueing our children today and research a little further. The things we are using in our homes, for our personal care and the foods we consume have a direct link to many of our childrens medical problems.

God Bless and may you find a natural way to help your child!!
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Name: KathyK | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 1:57 PM
Can you please tell me what the name of the vitamin is that your sons take? The one with St. John's wart also? I would like to try my son on something else too since I feel like his meds aren't working as well. He has been on so many different medications and it is very frustrating to see all the side effects that have happened to him. He has had ticks too and constant moving and talking a mile a minute and not being able to sit still and picking at anything he can get his hands on. I am desperate to try anything else that might work. 

Name: Karla | Date: Dec 18th, 2007 10:46 PM
The vitamins are vitality for life the supplements provex cv plus and luminex. All are available through Melaleuca. You have to have a membership with Melaeuca to get their discount price. If you would like more info please email me at [email protected] 

Name: cathy | Date: May 13th, 2010 3:53 AM
What minerals and vitamins are you giving your boys? How old are they? How did you find them?

Just reading about the ticks that everyone is talking about and don't want to put my 7 yr old on meds if it is not necessary.


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