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My daughter will be 25 this summer. She is a single mother. I am divorced and she has been living with me since last August. Not working. Not really helping around the house. Very tempermental, and an almost 5 year old caught in the middle. This really has been going on since she was 14. I am afraid it will never end. Since she has been legal age, she has had to live with me off and on. I have made her leave my house a couple of times before because she behaves so badly. She cusses me, calls me names, has been physically aggressive, mean, neglectful (to me) of her child, and my heart is broken and turned to stone. It is heavy in my chest. Right now, she is not allowed in my house except to take her child to school and bring him home. Every time I give her a little space inside, she just shows me that nothing has changed. I hate to imagine my future. She is my only child. Our relationship is so bad, I can't imagine it ever improving. But I can help wondering if there isn't something I could do different, so that our relationship would be better.
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