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My husband and I have a 7 yr. old daughter that has ADD and a 5 year old daughter. Mornings seems to be very tough. She is woken up at 6:50pm and needs to be ready for the bus by 8:10pm.. This is not always possible. With a couple reminders I say that I need to get ready and so do you. She can take 40 minutes and have no top on with pajama bottoms. Distractions, I think are countless in her bedroom. I often wonder if a bed, a desk and an empty dresser would help her to get ready. I used a timer when she was younger which eventually she felt she did not need. Today she was stalling knowing the bus would be here any minute and of course for the first time I drove her to school.
The afternoons get a bit tricky sometimes. She has snack time, homework time and free play and then dinner. Last night she had an assignment for homework on Math. After working on it from 4:30pm - almost 6pm. She had only done four problems. After reviewing the four problems, we saw that they were all wrong. This has been much worse lately. ( Since winter break and then a long weekend.)
In addition to this, her sleeping is often times compromised with a lot of getting up to tell us something, go to the bathhroom, etc.
I meant to discuss a bit of the abuse I endure each morning with reminders to get ready. She call's me dumb mommy. She is telling me she hates me and at times is hitting me.
Any suggestions for something that might work. We are a bit stressed. School was fine and home was where we got hit worse. It seems to be pretty bad there. Thanks for any support or suggestions.
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Name: christinatony | Date: Feb 10th, 2011 3:42 AM
My son is now 10 he was diagnosed when he was 4. He has been on every med on the market I think. We could not take it anymore with the meds. We put him on herbal meds. I have the same problems with him in the mornings the winny and just don't want to get up and the pissing around, it drives you crazy. One thing I have done is he like facebook and he looks foreword to looking to see if anyone has friended him or what is new on it. I let him get on for 10 min after his clothes and teeth are brushed and shoes are on and clothes. I end up helping him off the couch or bed. I got so sick of dressing him to hurry to get him ready for the bus, but this seems so far to motivate him. At night I give him Magnesium the herbalist states that most kids with ADHD are lacking this. He takes one of these plus I give him one melatonin and one stress j. In the morning I give him 3 chewable gummies that contain all the fruits and vegies that they need, 1 focus attention, 1 master gland, 1 stress j. The thing that stinks is the insurances do not cover herbs. We are low income and we have to pull it out of our pockets, but I would rather have nothing than have my son on med from the doctors that cause all these side effects. The doc had him on a sleeping pill for a while and the one side effect was lowering his blood pressure which is not good for a 10yr old boy. I hope this helps a little for you. 

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