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We choos its the best for my son to join boarding.It was hard but afer 3 weeks he starts loving it,but the night time was diffrent.It started off that the rooms was always messy.My Son then had an infectied toe and the housmaster wanted to cut a V in which really started to worry me.He always got shouted at or the housemaster didnt bother listningThen my son hit another cild and had to go in isolation which is a far one but again he was in a room emty just a bed he wasnt aloud to talk to no one at school time or lunch.He got escorted to anyware he needed to go including the toilett.To the class he got taken by the words special delivery.2 nights he had to spend the days in this emty room while they put another chld in his bed with all his personal belongings around.He wasnt even aloud to call his dad on his Birthday?.Now my mother in law has pulled him out.I am flying back to uk tomorrow to meet the school head.What would you guys say about all that?
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Name: kerry | Date: Nov 24th, 2012 6:43 PM
i have no experience with boarding but my son does have a problem with his temper. when he loses his temper and lashes out its usually because he's struggling to to deal with his emotions or expressing himself in an appropriate manor but i don't shout at him or punish him i try to stay as calm as possible and tell him its not ok to act like that and its not very nice and makes people sad. In my opinion the way they seperateed your son and let someone else into his person space wich if hes anything like my son would not go down well and it seems like all he needed was attention and to be understud.
Like i said i have no experience with boarding but i dont see the way the staff acted as exceptble in any way shape or form and would personally probably go mad at them (i can be a little over protective though when someone messes with my son. lol).
hope everything works out ok for you 

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