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I have a 9 yr. Old Son who has been diagnosed with ADHD for about two yrs now. Lately his temper has gotten worse. His tantrums are always so overly dramatic. His behavioral issues have spilled over to school now. He is very smart but is starting to be aggressive at school as well. He's always talking back, and fighting with his 7 yr. Old brother who also has Adhd. I,also have a 3yr. Old daughter but he is kind to her the majority of the time. My husband is also Adhd and the only one not on meds which I feel he should be but that's a whole other topic. Needless to say they make my House very chaotic. I'm so overly stressed, can't sleep, no patience anymore,and feel lost on how to help my family. Then to top it all off my Son has started to pull his hair out. First he pulled some of his eyebrows out now he has a bald spot in the very front of his forehead. I'm really worried what if this progresses and he does more harm to himself or to his siblings. I'm having to deal with all this alone my husband works in the oil refineries so is gone a lot. My boys take vyvanse and have been recently been put on intuniv for the evening hours. We've done all types of Therapy but haven't found the right doc I suppose because nothing has worked he seems to just be getting worse. My Son says himself that he can't control his anger as much as he would like to do so. So if anybody has any suggestions plz help.
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