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My son is on Concerta for ADHD. We opted for medication when he was in first grade. Now, we are in fourth grade and he is A student plus his manners are better but still needs work. I don't want him drug up either. I'm writing a essay on parents who opted for medication to help their children and how parents cope on a everyday basis with special needs children. The emotions we go through is from negative to postive. If anybody would like to share please email me back. I need more information then just my long story
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Name: jamberrt | Date: Dec 8th, 2006 3:58 AM
I haven't been here for awhile because my children just needed me more...and I didn't think I had more to give. My children are adopted.

My son was 9 months old when he arrived and it's been 2 years so for the moment...he's busy but no idea what the long haul will show.

My daughter is 12.5, arrived here 6 years ago. The school was screaming at child and family to start ritalin. They wouldn't until she was in a permanent placement. They they wanted us to and we wanted to spend a year hopefully getting her settled and proving she didn't need...she did.

One year and one month after placement with us - at 7.5 we started ritalin. OMW (ohmy word) totally different child. Lovable at school because she saw her value! Home was little different since she'd been bumped around for 2.5 years...Then we started risperdone/risperdal and she because more settled at home, showing emotion, connecting bonding.

Now in grade 7 she is a typical pre-teen...snotty for the most part. She struggles at school...now on Concerta. I'm in Canada and the teachers see a 12 year old who needs to learn responsibility. I want them to see a 12 year old...oh, she has ARND (alcohol related neurodevelopmental disorder - birthmom drank while pregnant)...and basically her brain is swiss cheese. So...while she is capable of learning, some days she remembers, some days she doesn't. That goes for good things too so it's not selective. She forgets sleepovers, parties, shopping dates.

I cannot give her more than one task at a time...on a good day two. Brush your teeth, go to the bathroom. She'll go to the bathroom and have only done one thing. It's not worth the fighting but it is exhausting!!!!

More? Let me know. 

Name: abbymaker | Date: Dec 8th, 2006 5:34 AM
Hello... I am very new to all of this... My daughter was diag. ADHD when she was in Kindergarten and that was by her kindergarten teacher. We spoke to her DR and she told us to just watch her... she, to us was a normal 6 year old. She has the normal ADHD behavoirs. She has the chatty Cathy ADHD...she can't stoptalking... and all the time.

Then last year in first grade... her reading and math skills were not improving like they should... her lack of attention was being a huge problem... she has an IEP for speech and went to resourse for reading (no IEP)... I was told she had to go to summer school if she wanted to go to the 2nd grade. She did really well in summer school... 3 students per teacher...s o yes she did great. 2nd grade now... IEP for speech and now and IEP for reading and math. She is below grade level but she made it to the 2nd grade.

My husband and I were and still are a bit worried about medication.. she is 8 and only 40 pounds on a good day. We tried behavior management and get a good schedule for her and us to work with in.... but it has come down to we gave in and now trying medication... today is her first day on Concreta.

I am very worried about her... I know that this will all be good. Lucky enough... I am friends with her pediatrian and her school has been absolutely wonderful with accomidating my daughter and her needs.

I think part of the reason we were reserved about put her on medication as well is the first school physc. said without meeting her... put her on medication... I wanted to slap her across the face... thank goodness she is no longer with the school district.

Anyways that is our story. 

Name: billy22 | Date: Dec 9th, 2006 3:55 PM
My son was diagnosed at 5 years old. He started meds at the age of 8 and we finally took him off of them this past summer in June. We just decided that we didn't want our boy drugged anymore, he was always either groggy or grumpy, starving or full, tired or restless! We missed our very talented, comedic, quirky boy! He's 12 by the way. In middle school and I have to say he's been doing pretty well for not being medicated. It hasn't been an easy road, don't get me worng, but havign a support group like this one to let me know that I am not alone helps a lot! Also we've noticed that since he's hitting puberty, he seems to want to try harder.....it seems more important to him now to behave and try to focus. His teachers are very patient with him and very supportive. He definetly has his days and can still be very impulsive at times, but it really has been worth it to us to just work with him rather than drug him. Medication works for a lot of people, but not for us. Hope this helped:) 

Name: Yawmom | Date: Dec 10th, 2006 2:44 AM
Wellllll...I had to fight my husband to put my son on meds. He still thinks it's a bad idea (years later) but he has also seen the improvement in son's reading and class work.
We never gave meds to him after school, holidays, vacation or the weekend but did however if we were to go somewhere special.
Pro's and cons. I had teacher tell me he should be on it all the time to level the playing field .. to be able to fit in and compared it to a diabetic needing his meds. But part of me -and my husband, didn't want any long term effects let alone him depending on the meds as a crutch. I don't care what they say , there is no definite proof in life of long term effects any drug does to you...my opinion.
I think with constant reminders, and tools that a person can train themselves of self restraint--it's life and they have to deal with it.
They say ADD is inheritied..hubby had / has it and he didn't use the meds. Back then they couldn't regualte them as well, so he trained himself.
We had gotten son things like a closet organizer, organized notebooks, a drop chair , etc. There are many things you can do to help a child out instead of meds,or including them.
Best thing is to read and study up on ADD/ADHD. To be informed is the best thing you can do for your child. 

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