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Name: charlie | Date: Feb 15th, 2011 5:16 PM
my child is on 74mg of concerta however i think that is to much so i give him 36mg in the morning and at night i give him a galf of a .02 mg clonidine and it appears to work just fine however, the clonidine is only given when he appears to be charged up because sometimes he actually goes to sleep with no problem. it may be like 11- 11:30 at night sometimes but thats fine with me because it does'nt seem to affect his ability to get up on time. He was prescribed an additional med for mood disorder however I DONT FEEL THERE IS A MOOD DISORDER. This medication causes him to go from up to down and i believe that rollacoaster is what appears to be another disorder so i dont give it to him, at all. Also i have given the clonidine to my son on weekends instead of the concerta and it does'nt appear to affect him any differently. Regardless of what the doctor tells you, you use your own decrection. my son just needs a little assistance during school after that i'm his medication. i have found that having a strict, consistant schedule for him to follow helps to keep him stable with out medicating him. im not in any dulision about my son's problem thats why he gets the concerta but make no mistake you as the parent has to be just as proactive as the meds you give. if you just depend on medication or you accept anything the doctor tells you,- you just may be making your childs problem worst in the long run. 

Name: Angelkit | Date: Feb 23rd, 2011 9:40 PM
My 9 year old daughter has been on Concerta (27 mg) for about 2 months now. I did not want to put her on medication but after being pressured by her teachers for 2 years I decieded to try it. The only major side effect I have noticed is her sleeping habits. She will go several days without much sleep and then fall asleep shortly after school or dinner and be out for the rest of the night. This lack of sleep has caused problems of it's own. She is also more sensitive and demanding of my attention.
I just returned from a conference with her teacher and was informed that she is now almost at grade level after being very far behind for the last couple of years. I really want to take her off this medication because of current and future side effects but am now confused because of her progress at school. I am also disturbed that after talking to many other parents of school aged kids that almost all of their kids are on similar medication or have beed advised to talk to their physican about being medicated. It makes me wonder who this medication is for, the teachers or the kids? 

Name: SometimesIwonder | Date: Mar 3rd, 2011 1:30 AM
My 6yr old son has been on concerta for 5 months. First 18 mg then 27mg now back to 18mg. The 18's wear off to fast but the 27's make him a zombie by the time afternoon hits. School and home life have become easier, his appetite has gone downhill so we really battle with him to eat and his sleep was poor at first but has now improved. A part of me doesn't want my son medicated because a little part of him is missing, especially on the higher dose. But at the same time school is sooo much easier for him, less trouble, better grades, etc.
I don't want the dose to go higher and yet some days I know it needs to and the sideeffects if weight loss are crazy. I also have been reading all these posts and they have me concerned about the tics and long term effects. Sometimes I Wonder if I'm doing the right thing?!? It took me 2 years to make the decision to put him on Meds now I wonder if I made the right choice. Somedays I think yes, and others, maybe not. Not because of anything he is doing or even the medication for that matter, just a personal struggle. Does any other parent have this feeling too? Another sometimes I wonder!?!
Sorry so long, just one more thing.
For the peoe who post rude comments about us parents who should just discipline better and not medicate, live our lives with our beautiful children and realize we don't make our decisions lightly! Find your own forum to make your rude comments please! 

Name: cynthia | Date: Mar 9th, 2011 2:56 AM
my 8 year old daughter has been on concerta for over a year and we love it. we went thru 6 different meds before this one...diagnosing adhd is the easy part...finding the right medicine, right dosage, with no side effects is the hard part. it can be done with a good doctor and committed (yet exhausted) parents....good luck 

Name: lexisthebbi | Date: Mar 10th, 2011 7:25 AM
hi im 15 ive been on concerta since i was seven... yess it does have side effects. i was 1ike 105 pounds when i was 13. i stopped taking it for the summer and gain like 100 pounds.. most horrible torture ive had to indure.. then ive had depression probelms. mood swings... when i take it im like a zombie.. when i skipp a day im like a tornado n a hurrocane at same time.. it kinda makes me worst if i dnt take it everyday bcuz if i am a zombie for a week n then saturday come all tht energy tht w3as bottled up while i was on it tht week explodes out when i dnt n i honestly cant control how i am sometimes 

Name: lilmama | Date: Mar 14th, 2011 2:31 PM
My 6 year old daughter has adhd and shes started concerta on saturday ....i couldnt believe the difference. Its been 3 days i havent raised my voice at her usually she is in screaming fitz up to 8 times a day. Now she is relaxed and calm she tells me she feels happy and peaceful inside. Her little bother doesnt act up wen shes is calm. our home is quiet and happy . Now we can relax and enjoy our time together and do things as a family. She hasnt had side effetcs yet besides not eating much. hopefully everything will be ok. 

Name: LeAnn | Date: Mar 24th, 2011 3:05 PM
My son is on concerta he does fine in school. He plays basbeall and in the after noons he has a huge attitude with his team mates and coaches i'm not sure if he can help it or not. I do my best to punish him for this. I just hate to punish him for something im not sure he can help? 

Name: r_2k | Date: Mar 31st, 2011 11:20 PM
Hi my son who is 7 and half started taking Concerta 27mg for last one month he cries a lot almost over everything(homework,lunch,Dinner). 

Name: holly | Date: Apr 10th, 2011 3:32 AM
my son is 8 years and just got on concerta a few days ago. He to has had problems sleeping
any advice out there ? 

Name: Kristina | Date: Apr 13th, 2011 11:40 PM
My 11 yr old son has been taking Concerta for a 1yr and 1/2. It helps him so much in school to stay better focused. His grades have went up. But I have just noticed that he is starting to have very angry outburst! I mean he is so mad! I dont know if its all the Concerta or his age too. But I thinkit has to do with both. So my question is has anyone else's child had these angry outburst while taking Concerta? I'm going to make an appointment with hes doc to check too. 

Name: david | Date: May 5th, 2011 8:18 AM
i take 54mg concerta im 19 years old i've been taking it since i was 14. now i get depressed every so often and when im with my girlfreind we are usually happy but she says I changed alot since i started taking them. before i never ticed and i never get depressed seeing how i was such a happy kid also i stare off into space alot and most of my memory is pretty bad. also i am pretty slow on reactions but its only when i dont take the medication. i dont think this is the best medication for all kids. but it does work but truely its not worth it in the end. seeing how i will graduate this year but if i never took it and started special ed in junior high i would of been fine with out it. my girlfreind wishes i never started taking it. 

Name: Ambebeli | Date: May 12th, 2011 1:09 AM
My 8 yr old son started taking Concerta about two months ago. After three weeks into the med he had this nasty caugh that wouldn't stop. We took him off the med for couple of weeks and re-started the med again. This is the third week since he re-started the med and the tics came back, not as bad as the first time, but constant (like every 5 seconds) needed to caugh to clear this throat. Is there any trick or solution to this?

Name: Lea | Date: May 15th, 2011 8:28 PM
My son is 8 years old and took concerta when he was 7 years old we took him off of it because he got to the point he did not want to eat and now has tics which he didnt have before 

Name: ADHD Mommy | Date: May 21st, 2011 8:02 PM
My son has been on Concerta for about a year now. At first, it helped a lot. He has ADHD that is quite severe - not so much with the inattention but the hyperactivity/impulsivity. He is unable to function without his medication. All was going well, but the past few months have been pretty bad - he gets angry so easily and is irritable, socially anxious, picks his fingers, etc. The Psychiatrist and Psychologist he sees both have been tossing lots of diagnoses around - bipolar, OCD, some kind of behavior disorder other than ADHD - but he doesn't seem to really fit in anywhere. Long story short, we took him off of the Concerta for a few days. We couldn't let him go to school because his hyperactivity was back full force, but what we found out is that ALL of the other symptoms went away. He was happier, not anxious, didn't pick at his fingers, was not angry in the least. Literally overnight. SO, what to do? He has to have his medication (he is on Concerta 36 mg and intuniv 3) or he literally can't function in society. But his anger has been causing problems at school and home when he is on the medication. The Dr. has suggested putting him on a low dose of risperadol (sp?) so he can continue the Concerta. We would then probably take him off of the intuniv because it doesn't seem to be helping him. OH, and we have tried other stims but the Concerta is the only one that actually works for the ADHD symptoms without rebound issues. Lastly, I feel like I should say that I never wanted my son on medication in the first place but feel like it is the right thing to do for him to have a chance at a good life. So my question is does anyone have experience with the antipsychotics and Concerta? 

Name: callie | Date: Jun 4th, 2011 4:25 AM
i think its funny how people think that ADHD is a made up disease give them a week with my child and they would come to terms that there is something a little different about this child, i was one who thought it was over diagnosed and almost a non believer this was before i had my son in 2006, his father was diagnosed in the 80's with ADHD and had been prescribed with several medications over the years, our son has ADHD 3 which includes just about everything under the sun social, behavioral, unable to stop climbing/moving, sound making)pitches of random outburst of sound,compultion its really tough but we were recommended to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center to their CHADD program which was a blessing, we really didnt want him on medication at all but after really thinking about not having control of our child, he would be having a harder time with learning, making friends ect we decided to try it out. we have been on Ritalin 3 times a day 10mg morning, 20mg afternoon then if needed a 10mg late afternoon which has worked wonders for our some but the pain of having to have him swallow pills 3x a day, hoping they were not spit out, the coming down effect was somewhat miserable and emotional we have decided to try the concerta starting tomorrow, hopefully it will be strong enough for him im hoping this will help, but i really like the effects of the old fashion ritalin, ive only had eating issue and sometimes bedtime oh and after about 3 1/2 hrs you can tell right away hes ready for another one, but we will see about the concerta :) oh and all the parents out there who have a child with ADHD i feel for you i know how tough and brutal every day projects, events, basic routine can effect your own health, take some real time out for yourself even if its one day for a couple hrs, you need it EVERYONE DOES..... 

Name: Prayer mommy | Date: Jun 8th, 2011 4:48 PM
Hello everyone I just wanted to drop in and give a little advise my son mason is 10 almost 11 and has been on concerta for 4 years all of the side effects that you see now will continue however the stomach pains will go away I highly recommend when your child is NOT in school do not give them the meds this is the time u have to teach your child how to deal with life and how to learn how to deal with their disorder we as parents have to be aware that this med is a temporary fix and our child can not always depend on a med to calm them selves down or how to learn to pay a ttention. I've also noticed this is their time to eat and gain weight u
have to know that this is like giving them cocaine so no their not going to sleep well I do not recommend giving them another psychotic med for moods or to make them sleep this makes their mood swings worse give them the concerta in the morning let them come off it at night I started using melatonin the dissolvable tabs this helps them fall asleep u can get this at walmart on vitamin section and it doesn't last all day the next day my son was crazy when the docs had him on all different meds just use concerta and deal with the other side effects and pray there is nothing like a mothers prayers I just took my son off the meds for the summer he had not been growing or gaining weight this is the first time I've taken him off and he's doing great it takes alot of time and shr attention but it's safer and healthier God bless u all hope this helps 

Name: jessie | Date: Jun 8th, 2011 5:06 PM
Anger? Yes moms this medicine will cause crazy outbursts especially when your children are coming down this medicine is a stimulant of course they're going to be angry and no they can not help it no they dont understand it they're just completely outraged it's sad but one of the side effects it will calm down with with alot of patience and yes you have to be stern and not allow it they will learn how to deal with it with your help good luck 

Name: momofa10yrold | Date: Jun 23rd, 2011 10:39 PM
My son used to take concerta but now he takes focalin it works the same except he doesn't have the harsh side effects of lack of appitite lack of sleep or stomach ache 

Name: misty | Date: Jun 24th, 2011 12:28 PM
chlondine is a good med. my 6 yr old daughter takes it for sleep. w havent had any problem at all! 

Name: Mom24 | Date: Jun 29th, 2011 10:39 PM
May daughter 11 yr old started taking Concerta 2 months ago. Report card came home yesterday and it was excellent. Grades have improved and teacher wrote excellent comments. More focus in class, completing assignments and going the extra mile when not requested to. Still having problems with organization. At home less fighting with siblings and parents and just a more calm, happy chid. Side effects are difficulty sleeping and decline in appetite when on the medication, but makes up for it in the evening when the medication has worn off. We have had a couple of episodes of extreme agitation when the medication wears off in the evening. Has anyone else experienced this and does a low dose of short acting Ritilan help to resolve this? 

Name: lisa | Date: Jul 5th, 2011 9:33 PM
hiya my son has just started takein concerta and he has been very emotional and he has become quite depressed he has only been on them for a few days 

Name: 4everyoung | Date: Jul 23rd, 2011 7:14 PM
i have a 6 yr old he has bn on it a lil over a mth and has lost 3 lbs the concerta wrks i jus wish it didnt effect his appitite so bad.... i try my best to give him a good brkfast b4 i give him his medicine bc ther r days thtt may b all i get him to eat...he is only 38 lbs so i try my hardest to get him to eat he is more nto snackin so we have bn eating like 6 small meals a day i have noticed th with the concerta it takes longer 4 his chlonidine to wrk....we give the chlonidine with a snack round 8 and hes out by 8:30 sometime and thn ther r nites hes wide open til close to midnite its crazy i kno he hasnt bn on it long enough to notice other side effects i hope this helps u 

Name: Bpond | Date: Jul 29th, 2011 2:52 AM
my son took Concerta 18mg an began a side effect of bad shakes dr said it was tremors. Even after taking the med for a week and stopping it he stll has bad tremors. We then waited it out and decided that meds were helping and making our lives and his better. He then took Adderal 15mg XL . His seizure activity for his Epilepsy increased and his evenings were spent in tantrums or extreme behaviors. He is now on a third med Vyvance 40mg. His tremors are still present on or off his ADHD med so it appears its a permanent side effect.

Our son is 7 and we do see positive things from meds but wonder if there is something more out there. The dr now has him on Propraninol 10mg am and pm to help with his tremors. This seems to be working. But why one med for another? 

Name: jamie | Date: Aug 20th, 2011 6:42 PM
i have been taking medication for adhd for 11 years now i have been on many im 17 now and on concerta 72mg a day. i used to be on 50 mg off ritalin but i dont like that type off medication due to negative feedback but the medication is very effective i have had no problems since my body has ajusted to it but when i first started i was on ritalin and was very bad i couldnt walk straight was very dizzy and had a large loss in eating if i was you i would monitor your son for the first year as it can effective many children differently 

Name: j | Date: Aug 23rd, 2011 12:59 PM
My son was on it but was just taken off yesterday. He was losing weight and wouldnt sleep at night. They put him on a newer med that he started today and its non stimulant. 

Name: Nicole | Date: Sep 4th, 2011 8:51 PM
Hi I am a mom with a 10 year old/4th grade-We tried Concerta last year, although he did well with school and was calm in class-- we were concerned of the meds on his development.

He had the typical frustrating side effects that you hear about the meds such as- no appetite, spacey feeling (complained of always feeling tired), also had very difficult
time going to sleep (a lot later than normal while on meds-around 10:30 every night during school nights, emotional + had a few episodes of cramping feeling in his chest for about 45 mins in three different occasions while on meds. Even though school was smoother last year- his focus was a little better- the long term effects of drugs and growth are very concerning to me! This year we decided to try him again without drugs- the school standard system fits one type of learning and it is not a visual and hands on kind of learner- so he is the minority and struggling! VERY FRUSTRATING! 

Name: Liane | Date: Oct 4th, 2011 1:04 AM
My 8 yr old also takes Concerta, He has difficulty sleeping. The pediatrician suggested I give him Melatonin. This is a natural alternative to prescription sleep aids. He also has no appitite. i make sure he eats a very healthy breakfast(before the meds kick in) and a multi vitamin. His only choices for food are healthy. If he continues to loose weight...i will give him something like Ensure, meal replacement. However- these are minor compaired to his moods and behaviour off the meds. 

Name: sandra | Date: Oct 4th, 2011 4:13 AM
Yes my 9 year old just started Concerta 

Name: sandra | Date: Oct 4th, 2011 4:14 AM
Concerta does have a side affect on the appetite. 

Name: jen | Date: Oct 8th, 2011 1:20 AM
hi there, my 8 yr old has been on concerta for about a year and a half, it works well for the adhd but the side affects are horrible. She is having terrible facial tics from the medicine to the point that kids in school make fun of her. I am in the process of researching homeopathic medicines to control the adhd and I am going to start taking her to a behavior modification specialist for her mood swings and attitude. I am hoping this helps her!!!! I will keep you posted 

Name: Dana | Date: Oct 13th, 2011 7:52 PM
My 4 year old is taking 18mg of Concerta the frist week he seemed to be doing great but now for the last two days he has gone back to not listening and being hyper why is this what is going on. 

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