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I have 2 children 6 and 16 and have made it through nearly 16yrs so far and wouldn't change a thing belive it or not. Both my boys have adhd.Both aredoing well at school and still are.1 used medication for at least 7 years and is now off it as it no longer works for him. My eldest stopped taking his medication about 2 years ago and that alone helped him be a better person. He said to me mum I feel more normal now,still had issues but we delt with them and got threw it. Ther has to be a time when you let them know that medication is not the answer to all ther problems and lets try and deal with this again now that you are a bit older. My 6yr old is doing it with out med's as I refuse to go down that track again I seen what it did to my older son and it's not nice.Headaches,wouldn't eat,became angry,tic's just to name some.yes we aletered the dose and yes I tried a number of different med's and yes I looked at alternitive stuff and yes I took him to a number of professionals and yes I did everything possibe that I could do as a mother.Now I have given him the chance with my full support and guidance and understanding to function as normal as he can and ask for help if it all gets to much...But guess what he has been doing well for the last year and I am so proud he is doing his year 10 and hopefully should pass. he is the nicest boy you could every meet and no one now would know that he has adhd. Look all I can say is good luck for me as my son got older the penny finally drop when he became a teenager and I know that this may not happen for everyone at this point but sometimes that hardest thing to do is to stop hiding from behind the medication give them a chance to be normal and try for awhile on ther own...thats of course if you haven't already done that.please feel free to leave a reply
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Name: gumball | Date: Jul 12th, 2009 7:06 PM
Hei! i deeply agree with you about meds. i find that its a "method of avoidence" i have 3 children that are diagnosed adhd/ocd/ld and i am more ar less againt meds,.."and its not my place to judge those who use them",.. i gave my children the possibility to try them for i didnt want to rob them of their rights or choices. well low and behold! they tried them for a wee month and that was it,...they chucked them out the window,...i say good on em,..my oldest "17" almost told the dr. off because they made her feel "morbid" and my lad simply said: i hate them mom! i cant b myself,...im so proud of them! i raised them teaching them methods of learning self controll, focus and maintaning the rules/ routine and structure without the aid of meds. they learned the consenquenses of their actions and the more positive they do the more positive resaults. im not saying that its a peice of cake,...but it paid off,...bless their hearts! and their teachers also give alternative methods of learning when their consentration is out the window,....anyways i take it 1 day at a time,..cherrish my children and forever prais them for their good doings,...a good dose of encouragement sure does make a diffrence. and im proud my children are able to xpress themselves and chose to xpress themselves without the aid of meds. So "you go girl!" keep up the good atitude and good work and the patience of Job! gimme a bawlin out if u take the notion. God bless deary! Gumball 

Name: trasca | Date: Jul 13th, 2009 3:07 AM
Hi gumball
Thanks so much for your reply. It's great to see someone else like me,mind you my eldest son was on med's longer than I wanted him to be and longer then your children I know. In the end I said no more we can do it together with out the drugs. I wouldn't have it any other way now and my 6yr old is doing ok with out med's as well. Hell yes a lot of hard work and understanding but praise and encouragement sure goes a long way and of cause the best one that I found is to pick your battles. Alot of parents tend to argue about every little thing that the child does and thats bad behaviour and so on but I have learnt to sit back and let the little things fly. Of course I maker sure that it's nothing to major and low and behold alot less tention and fighting in the household. You sound to me to be a wonderful and loving parent who is willing to put in the exttra mile and just bit the bullet GOOD ON YOU and we should swap email addresses and have a good chat. What country are you located in? I am in Australia. It's hard to know where people are located on these forums. Thanks again trasca 

Name: trasca | Date: Jul 13th, 2009 3:12 AM
PS: I just wanted to add I know most parents are loving and understanding and all that stuff but honestly what I am trying to get at is sure it's not easy taking them of medication and some children do really well with it as they dont no any better, but as they get older and learn to deal with them self a little better please try and let them be normal. I have heard it from the mouth of the child that used medication I DONT FEEL NORMAL I FEEL SICK and so on. Let them try to guide you once old enough with whats working for them and whats not.Good luck 

Name: gumball | Date: Jul 14th, 2009 4:31 PM
trasca! thank you so much for your uplifting words! you certainly made my day,..thank you ever so much,...and likewize........yes i would love to get to know u a bit better,...we would chatt eachother blind i dare say since we`re on the same "pattern" do u have msn? i cant see the letters very well on this thingy ,i can add u if u like,... ...oh by the way im a fullbread Canadian but living in Norway,...i have 5 beautiful children and a loving hubby,...im middle aged "but never in the morning mind you, then im passed the point of rescue" lol i truely would love to hear from u again...and i must say you too are a wonderful and giving mom! and your forever deeply rewarded by your 2 wonderful boys. God bless your heart,...so u have a good 1 for now and i hope we can gab soon,...tata deay! Gumball 

Name: trasca | Date: Jul 17th, 2009 3:32 AM
Hi again gumball
well no I'm not on msn but I do have a hotmail account email.it's [email protected] all lower case. wow in norway what a beutifull place to live. I haven't traveled much at all. so feel free to drop me a line as I check my emails everyday more so than I do on here. yes I'm sure we would just talk each others ears off LOL. look forward to hearing from you and then maybe I should look at making up an account on msn. talk soon trasca. 

Name: gumball | Date: Jul 17th, 2009 1:57 PM
hello trasca :) i left u a wee message on your email,...i jotted down your addr. thank you. hope to hear from u soon,...and ill send u a few pics when the hairy day has dehaired,..lol,...ttyl deary,....gumball 

Name: Kelly | Date: Jul 2nd, 2010 8:27 PM
I also have a 16 year old son with adhd. He is not on medication. We tried it for a few weeks last year and the side affects were craz;y. I think doctors all too often give medication. You are right we need to teach these kids how to function without drugs. It takes time and a trendous amount of effort but is worth the work. Thanks for your story. 

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