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As I read the postings and replys, I see that a big majority of them are from parents on young children, under 7 years old.
If you really research the disease (and it is a disease)- an accurate diagnosis (if there's such a thing)- is based on a SEVEN YEAR history... so why is it that these parents have their children on this medication???
ADHD has received a "bad rap"- not only because it is over diagnosed by physicians, but it is an "excuse" for plain old "bad behavior", and it is a great tool (if abused) for parents to modify childrens unwanted behaviors.
My son is 13, and although the schools would tell me to "test him", I was able to control a good bit of his symptoms by behavior modifications/discipline. He is in all accelerated classes- so the delay in treatment DID NOT affect his cognititve/comprehensive abilities.
When I finally decided to get him tested/treated, it was ONLY because it was affecting HIM, not me, or the school!
I not only had him tested by the school, but prior to that, I had him fully tested by a pediatric neuropsychologist. It was very expensive, and the insurance didn't cover it- so that alone was $3500.00
On top of that, I took him to a Pediatric Psychiatrist, because when you're dealing with these types of medications- contrary to some individuals beliefs, ADHD medications have FAR GREATER risks than Tylenol!
If you found out your child was smoking "crystal meth" in the bathroom, how would you feel about it? And, would you be the one handing him the pipe to smoke it with?
Parents need to be the advocate for the child- by making sure that the child is properly diagnosed, by an specially trained, unbiased source. Not only that, but medication ALONE is not the cure/treatment for ADD/ADHD. Individual counseling, family counseling, and behavior modifications are also required in order to have a successful treatment plan.
As parents, we MUST make sure that we have entered this decision with a clear conscience, so... IF something negative were to happen to our child, we can walk away knowing that we had ONLY THEIR best interest in mind.
The medication for ADHD- IS addicting, regardless as to what parents want to believe.... TYLENOL PM is habit forming, yet a methamphetamine isnt? Where are the "children" who took these methamphetamines for years? How many "long term studies" have been performed from 20-30 years ago, on a GREATER number of people involved in the study?... not a 40, 50, 100 person study- but a 4000, 5000, 10000 person study? Now, that's a true, unbiased study, where we can put more merit on the data!
I have my son on an ADHD stimulant now- not for my sake, not for the schools sake, but for his own! He is old enough- not to make the final decision, but rather be involved with the decision! He is able to tell me the things I don't see; such as "uncontrolled twitching", "loss of appetite", "feelings of studdering", "greater ability to focus" (all of which he has expressed).
As parents and doctors, how are we able to "gauge" whether or not the medication benefits, outweigh the risks- if our children can express what we don't see, don't feel, and don't hear? YOUNG children, who are not yet mature enough to tell us that "something doesn't feel quite right?" shouldn't be given this medication until they are old enough to tell us when something is wrong!
Why do we baby-proof a home so carefully, yet give our children these stimulants without as much thought?
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Name: emtf71 | Date: Mar 2nd, 2006 2:39 PM
The answer to young children on meds is first hand I have a 7year old now in first grade but when in kindergarden would come home crying because he had no friends. He is impulsive used to jump on everybody. It's was sad soI had no choice to and he is happy now. I don't think that the kids are going to grow up useing drugs just because their on meds now. I now way to many people that have been on meds grow up and not use drugs or med's anymore because they are older enough to control their adhd. Plus when I was in high school they were so many kids that were doing drugs that wern't adhd. I think it is up to the parents to guide thier child and to explain what adhd. I also have adhd and I wish I was on med's when I was younger I would of done better in school. That's why I put my son on meds I saw how it was hurting him. I tried every thing under the sun behavior chart only worked at home not at school, diet did not see any difference I at least tried him both for a year. No change. So as a parent that was the choice I had. I have him in a social group at school for kids with adhd. So I do it for him to. Don't for get they are diffent cases of adhd some are not as sever as other cases some can be totally uncontrollable. 

Name: emtf71 | Date: Mar 2nd, 2006 2:49 PM
I have three boy's we all discipline them they same the other two i can take everywhere how come is it that my 7 yr tends to have a different reaction is it because of bad parenting? 

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