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hi all moms I was wondering can a two year old have ADHD doctors tell me that ALL two year olds have it and theres nothing that they can do about it yet til they get older well my seven year old has it and I know it runs though the family jeans on my side of the family my two year old will be three the 17 of this month and doctors still say its to soon to tell is this true please help with any advice
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Name: teresa | Date: Oct 9th, 2006 8:40 PM
Hi Fancy, it is my understanding that children can't be tested until they are five. In the meantime, just consider your child going through the terrible two & threes. You could talk to your doctor about changing his diet or maybe try some herbal remedies. Good luck. 

Name: fancy | Date: Oct 9th, 2006 10:25 PM
thanks theresa I figured that much what kind of herbal remedies can I try can you email me @ [email protected] I would like to here more about it thanks for your in put 

Name: DeeDee | Date: Nov 11th, 2006 4:03 AM
I brought my son when he was 1. He was walking at 9 months and was either into everything, breaking things, wouldn't sit down or watch tv, jumping all other the place and climbing on high places, getting out of bed in the middle of the night and the list goes on....when I took him out places it was noticeable and people would say "oh don't you have your hands full." Needless to say, I couldn't stand it anymore and when he was almost three I brought him back. He is now twelve and has been on medicine since he was three. If I take him off he still rolls on the floor. It is not too young. I always knew something was wrong. He just didn't act "normal". If you believe there is a problem there are children's hospitals that will either deny or confirm your suspicions by doing all kinds of tests. (my son entered a diagnostic center for schooling which was like a pre-school for kids with these kinds of problems at 3 for social skills and coping etc.) If it doesn't get better bring her back. The parents are the ones who notice things "aren't right". When I brought my son back at 3 he was in the room tearing it apart and going through everything. I told the doctor, see if you were to take him for a day, you would bring him back in an hour. He finally sent him for testing. = 

Name: DeeDee | Date: Nov 11th, 2006 4:04 AM
My son was tested at three. You know the symptoms of your seven year old. If it is severe enough, push for the testing. There are programs out there to help these children. My son started at 3. 

Name: billy22 | Date: Nov 11th, 2006 7:03 PM
DeeDee~LOL! I think we are the mothers of the same child! I was just cracking up when I read your comments about your child! Mine too was walking at 9 months, threw his first noticable tantrum at 10 months and from there he just got older! LOL! He still throws tantrums when he's really mad(he's now 12 yrs) But when I look back at pics of him as a baby and toddler I can't help but laugh becaue he is also the most loving, caring, FUNNY little guy you could ever meet. He wasn't tested until much older because I always told myself that he was just a strong willed child! His Grandma kept telling me that he was a carbon copy of his Dad(my ex husband)at that age! So until he got into school and started driving the teacher BONKERS, I just lived with his wonderfully ALIVE personality!:) 

Name: billy22 | Date: Nov 11th, 2006 7:07 PM
I wished I would've have taken him in to be tested at 1 instead of 8. I think I would've have learned more about his ADD and other issues to be able to help him. I like what you said to the Doc too.....wouldn't it be nice to leave them with the doc so they can see just what exactly it is we are dealing with 24/7? LOL! 

Name: linda_pedy | Date: Dec 12th, 2006 11:05 PM
hi my child has been on meds sinice the age of 3 for adhd 

Name: jay22 | Date: Dec 13th, 2006 12:17 AM
my daugthar is 3 next month and i am going though the same thing wit my doctors.in the end i went to my health vistor and told her i needed support and help wit my little girl because she is such a bugger.i went ther 10 times before they would do anythimng got a little bit of help now but was told the same as you that she is to young but i no people with adhd kids who have been told there child does have it and who have been given help and they were 2 and 4.years old at the time.just hang in there and keep going back to the docs it may take 10 or 20 times but dont let them fob you off .you no your child the best. 

Name: janeyangel | Date: Dec 13th, 2006 9:13 PM
Hi,I have the same thing,I have a 2 year old ,3 next year.I tryed to get help from my health vistor who said there is nothing they can do until she is older,Even through her behavior is not like other children her age and she just told me to be harder on discipine on her,which is not helping me or her. 

Name: horace Bond | Date: Nov 5th, 2007 11:23 PM

Name: Serrenia | Date: Nov 17th, 2007 6:58 AM
I am a pre school teacher and I have a child in my clas with ADHD and it effects my whole classroom I was talking to her mother after I finally figured out what was so different and she told me she doesnt care and that it doesnt matter because she doesnt hae the time to take her to the doctors I have no idies what to do 

Name: sarah | Date: Dec 10th, 2007 5:43 PM
i have adhd and when i am in school my teacher thinks that i am playing around when i dont get my work turned in on time and i wont to do my work but i cant stay on task 

Name: goodbyecorporate | Date: Dec 12th, 2007 5:10 PM
Aaagh! NO--take it from a mom of a VERY active 5 year old boy--it's VERY normal and will calm down! My personal belief is that we are WAY over medicated in this country and the label ADD among other is prescribed far too often. Diet has SOOOO much to do with how your kids are able to behave. Have you see the Super Size me documentary--it's a must see! One at risk youth center did nothing except change the kids diet and behavior changed DRASTICALLY! I left the pharmaceutical industry beacuse it made me sick to hear what goes on behind the scenes--your doctors are educated by sales reps about what's right for your kids and get next to no training/education on nutrition. Getting kids to eat healthy is extremely challenging as you know and we found a product that helps us keep eating healthy simple and it WORKS! I now have a business with a company called Life Force that manufacturers WHOLE FOOD nutrition products that are changing lives all over the world. check us out at www.familybodybalance.com God bless you on your journey towards a safe and healthy enviornment for your child!

-goodbyecorporate in New York
[email protected] 

Name: Jonno | Date: Dec 13th, 2007 2:39 AM
yes i have a two year old and she going through the stage now, even worse on a night time for bed she even trashed her room up :(..

ADHD runs in my girlfriends family.. i hoping my little one aint got it cos its is hard work to cope with adhd children.. 

Name: jennifer | Date: Dec 14th, 2007 1:56 AM
Hi, I feel your pain. I have a 2 year old (almost 3) and he is honestly terrible. We are going to a clinical psychologist, and she said that my son has all the symptoms of ADHD, but it is early to diagnose because it could be a number of different things that are causing his behavior problems...sensory issues is another thing that could be a problem and the symptoms are so similar it is hard to tell what their problem is. 

Name: HDHD KING!!! | Date: Dec 15th, 2007 9:41 PM
2years lol get over it you can't tell if he have HDHD or not all kids in that age is like HELL 

Name: gacxg | Date: Dec 24th, 2007 7:55 PM
hi i want to regester 

Name: lecohen | Date: Dec 24th, 2007 11:09 PM
Hi all, just found this forum by looking for info on ADHD...I sometimes wonder if my 15 month daughter has it but maybe it is too early to tell??? Maybe she be going through the terrible twos already? Anyway, I look forward to seeing more replies on here...thanks 

Name: Jen | Date: Jan 8th, 2008 1:42 PM
I think my 2 year old has ADHD or something similar. She is such a bad kid. It probably is too early to diagnose, but for those of you who say that all kids that age are horrible are sadly mistaken. My oldest daughter (16 months older than her sister) is an awesome toddler and seemed to skip the "terrible two's" altogether. So, maybe we should wait and see if they grow out of it by 3. I don't know. Maybe we should try changing their diets. At this point it seems that I can't wait any longer and want to take her in, but don't want to pay for a doctor visit for them to just tell me she is a normal (but "strong willed") 2 yr. old 

Name: kirsty | Date: Jan 24th, 2008 2:25 PM
i think so coz my son is 2 and i think he has it 

Name: Wanda | Date: Feb 6th, 2008 8:33 AM
Hi, I found this site browsing through different websites. I have a son that will be 2 on the 13th of this month and for the past 6 months he has learned very quickly as any boy that age but he refuses to take no for an answer. On a daily basis i have to redirect, tap his fingers and even put him in time out for touching the same things that he should not be touching. We're talking that he touches the same thing at least a dozen times a day. He is very very busy and doesn' want to sit to even let me read him a book. I am going crazy myself wondering if he possibly has ADHD. I have been around children all my life and I also have a 13 year old and I have never seen a child act quite like my almost 2 year old. I am looking for answers to this behavior. It's not normal. He is very smart and learns quickly but I feel as a mother that there is something not right. 

Name: kelly | Date: Feb 23rd, 2008 2:48 PM
hi im kelly
nice to meet u 

Name: Norman | Date: Mar 13th, 2008 12:44 PM
Hi we are foster carers and we have a child that is only 22 months old we think he has adhd and as we have had children now for 7 years we can pick up on these children. we work with a schiool that we take children to with adhd add autism and moor.
if you are not happy keep going back to you doctors 

Name: Mj | Date: Mar 14th, 2008 5:32 PM
Well I am just reading up on that for 2 year olds having ADHD. I currently provide care for a 2 yr old and have also provided care for Autistic Children and worked in the school system for SBH & Autistic, I am seeing signs of both and spoke with the parents and they to see some signs. HE is very SMART!! but hitts/pulls hair for attention of if he wants what you have or for just no reason,he does seam to get worse if the noise level is high, has his favorite toy,he like to push or pull things all the time and will only play other toys/puzzles only if another has it. He is a runner, climber.Like I said I spoke with the parents, I am not a quitter but He hurts his friends. To me this is not a typical 2 year going through the terrible two's. Unless god has given me him to take care of. Any advice would greatly help! 

Name: Garnet | Date: Mar 28th, 2008 1:02 PM
My son is 5 coming up 6. we know our son was different from birth, From the time he was 1 year old i have been trying to get him help and we are not much further on in his treatment than what we were 5 years ago. My son has now been excluded from school due to his problems so please if there is something that you think is not right then get on to the doctors and keep on going back every day if you need to but push them untill you see someone that can help, trust me it is no good waiting as it could take forever and you want get the help your child needs untill its to late. 

Name: becky | Date: Apr 10th, 2008 1:13 PM
hi my 2 year old is terrible he dont listen to any thing i say throws tantrums if he can get something, and u can tell him off all you want he jus dont want to no, he dont stop all day duracell batterys got nothin on him, some times i get reduced 2 tears some one was talkin 2 him yesterday and he went to kick them the health visitor jus told me 2 sit him on the naughty step ut it dont work. could sum 1 plz give me and help in wat i should do. 

Name: vicki | Date: Apr 15th, 2008 11:34 AM
hi i have two year old boy addha two docters say he has it 

Name: vicki | Date: Apr 15th, 2008 11:43 AM
i was in four days in laver docters didnot take him out in laver 27 to 1 march six mouths he had amsa hart pomes and his toes bent and last year thay say addhd spech pomes to got no help no one he bites and hits 

Name: sharla | Date: Apr 23rd, 2008 6:41 PM
That's just rude-you have no idea if you don't have a child with these problems and behaviors! 

Name: sharla | Date: Apr 23rd, 2008 6:45 PM
I was responding to the person up above saying to "get over it" and all 2 yr. olds act this way. Some are more extreme as we all know from experience. I didn't realize until now. Sorry, I thought it would put my comment under the one I was referring to. 

Name: Ana Hernandez | Date: May 2nd, 2008 6:26 PM

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