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Hello my son will be 8 years old and has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of 5 my son is very hyper, aggressive, a very picky eater and if he does not get what he wants he would have such a tantrum. The therapist had prescribed my son with Adderall which did nothing for him and then was started on focalin xr last may and I noticed some change quickly. Hes able to focus more especially in school and is able to complete his work my problem I have with him is at home he has such a big attitude most of the time and tries to be demanding and when it comes to homework it takes him soblong to complete I mean 3 hours at times. Sometimes well most of the time I go out to the mall or even walmart he thinks he can buy something everytime even after i talked to him and tell hom that today he's not getting anything and when I say no he really screams at me and tells me he hates me in front of people and runs off..he really could be such a sweet kid but lately with that attitude everytime I go out with him I'm getting very unpatient and don't know what to do cause he acts like he does not care ... Does anybody else have this problem????
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