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I have Aunt whos 7 year old daughter(Amy) has ADHD. My Aunt is 51 and has been to Pediatritions and tried various medication, but Amy still seems to be extremely difficult. I can't help but feeling that the main reason that Amys behavious doesn't improve, is because there is little or no boundaries when it comes to discipline. I know how difficult it can be raising a child with ADHD, especially as a single parent. But, I get the feeling that because Amy has ADHD, my Aunt sees it to be unfair to place her in a time-out, when she missbehaves. My Aunt has been to a Psychlogist, who recommended that my Aunt see her on a weekly basis, but my she gave that up. The Psycologist found that Amy is drastically worse around my Aunt. She behaves well at school, and when I baby-sit her, but as soon as she with her mother, then she starts being miserable, pretends to cry all the time, and doesn't ever seem to listen. Once again, I reiterate that there are no consequences.

What my Aunt often says to me is that Amy can't help misbehaving, as per her condition, and has no self-control. Its like she's confusing the disorder with Tourettes. This is the main reason why the discipline structure is missing.

Can someone please tell me if its correct to refraim from the discipline side of things, when dealing ADHD? And is it true that children with this condition can't help the way they behave?

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