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I have a 4 year old little Boy. It all Started when he was 2 years Old, he got an imaginary friend, who in his head was so real to him, and is still so real to him now. His temper is bad, at home and at school. and other Places. With his swearing at me family and teachers, He also told me he wants me dead. Hes gave me detail on how hes going to Kill me with a Knife, or he will ask the docotor to shoot me. as he doesnt want me anymore. But no sooner then 10 Minutes later, hes a loving boy again that does want me, He lies so Much about teachers siblings family hitting him, and also brags about himself hitting teachers, which again is a lie and all made up.. but to him its so realistic, and so true to him. its Like he has two different worlds. Im not sure what to do anymore. Can someone advice me please.
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