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My son (6 with ADHD) goes to school and then a daycare service picks him up for after school care. His teacher and I talked awhile back about him not doing his homework. The daycare has a room and someone to help but he needs so much focused attention to do his work that he ends up leaving and playing and the work doesnt get done. So I picked him up after school and took him to work and thought if I directed him that he might get it done but I wasnt able to work at all. Hes about four weeks behind. So I called the teacher again and she said that now he is not doing his work in class. His behavior is not disrupting the class but hes not paying attention, crawling under his desk, he cries if the class gets too loud. Daycare talked to me about an incident. Another child asked my son to pull his pants down and he did so and a group of kids started singing that stupid song I see london I see france I see his underpants. He thought that was very funny and he laughed right along with them and came home singing it about himself. In school the other day he cut his own hair because another student did it. I am very worried about his wanting to fit in at all cost. Again, he has a doctors appointment scheduled. Am I making too much of this? Is this just little boy stuff? I'm told that all boys do this sorta thing. The behavior modification that the teacher is using isnt effective and it seems that way at home too. He just doesnt seem to care about it. He does it and then goes about his life and seems to go right back to doing the same things. I just dont know what to do anymore. Thanks for the space to vent my worries.
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Name: mar22 | Date: Nov 6th, 2006 4:01 AM
in the beginning of the year i had my son put in the front row surrounded by quiet girls this seems to help him pay attention because if he was at the back he has to many kids to look at. Ifor the homework thing iv run into problems too but know the unfinished work is sent home but teacher doesnt expect him to finish it but we do, not all the time , just on his good mood days and it usually after supper because its too much for him to do it after school. i send it back to school teacher praises him and puts a sticker on it. this seems to work so far. He maybe sound sensitive and this may cause him not to pay attention im wandering if some sort of ear plugs would work for him if he felt the noise was bothering him, then if the class was moving on to something else the teacher could pat him on shoulder to let him know its time to take pugs out. Maybe have him do his work standing up sometimes just ideas. As too the underwear inncedent its almost his impulses are acting before he can think and at this age i was re assured that its more of a maturity thing and a sociall skills thing that some boys are more behind in this area especially if they have adhd. Hang in they consistancy is the key it may take 30 times of repeating and diciplining for the same thing but then finally it clicks. i was wandering do you get funding to get a worker for your child to work on difficult behaviours? hope i was helpful 

Name: dizzy | Date: Nov 7th, 2006 4:50 PM
my 9 year old daughter with adhd found ways of coping by herself as she grew up, ie going off to the toilet so she could have a walk around. She also doodled alot on a piece of paper whilst listening to the class discussions as this helped her to concentrate on what was being said.She now takes a stress ball to class and fiddles with that, it helps her alot. Noise is a large distraction to alot of adhd children it draws thier attention away from the job in hand and makes it hard for them to refocus it may be worth asking his teacher if he can have a card on the table that he can turn over and be permitted to leave the class to a quiet location to get himself back on track. obviously this would need to be a safe place that the teacher would find him in imediately if required to do so. but the trust and being able to help themselves before it becomes to much does wonders for thier self esteem. my daughter still struggles on the social side and has always been easily led into doing some really silly things but this has improved with age so dont give up. my daughter has just started on ritilin and so many of the problems you speak of have now disappeared its been like a miracle for her and for me she is going to be a crime scene investigator and for the first time my life i can now believe she will make it. please dont give up, and keep remembering what a great mum you are to be there asking for the help your child needs. it will only get better. x 

Name: jamberrt | Date: Nov 8th, 2006 12:22 AM
My daughter sits better through class if she can doodle. It takes awhile to convince the teacher each year and it seems odd to be but I went through a conference and there was a lady who knit through the whole conference. It's something she can do without thinking and then she can hear what's being said... 

Name: billy22 | Date: Nov 8th, 2006 2:49 AM
Our ADHD kids need to be busy all the time! LOL! The best way to keep my son focused(12 years old now with ADD/ADHD, Tourettes and OCD) was to give him a TON of positive feed back for doing the littlest things! If he stayed focused for 5 minutes of doing his work, the teacher made a point to notice and would pat him on the back and say,"Great job! You are really staying focused and working well today, thank you!" He has come home telling me that the teacher has let him out of class 2 minutes earlier than the rest of the class for being prepared and doing as she asked. We at home, have a chore list for him and his brother. When he gets home he does what's on the list, including homework, and then gets ready for whatever sport or extra curricular activity that we have him in at that time. If we are inbetween activiteis for the season, we simply send him outside to play and run or find something else for him to do around the house. It is very exausting at times to say the least, but SO rewarding at the end of the day when he is tired out and thanks me for everything I do:) And might I add that we have now had him off all meds since June of this year and he has been doing very well! GOOD LUCK! I hope this helps. 

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