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I have a 7 yr old girl who has been diagonsed with ADHD, ODD AND Bi-polar. she was having so many problems at school and daycare, that I had to quit my job just to be availabe to go and pick her up from school, on a DAILY basis, as she was beating everyone up, running around, throwing fits...the list goes on and on. We took her to theropy, and eventually had an assesment done, which led to the diagnoses. We did start her on Ritilan this past friday, but we tried 6 months of alternatives first...we tried to understand where she was coming from, talking to her, different "reward" systems for different situations, made changes to her diet....etc. but nothing was working, not even a little. She has been having so many problems, that she cant even control, it has been having a HUGE effect on her self esteem, which is making things so much worse, because now it seems to her that she has been labled a "BAD" kid. It breaks my heart to see her struggle with herself to have a "good" day. every morning she says "today Im going to have a good day, mom..I promise" and then when I pick her up from daycare, she is so defeated beacuse she just couldnt get through the day. Im hopeing that Ritilan will help her.....and does anyone have any "sucsess" stories of the drug??? I feel SOO sad and bad for her..she knows whats going on with herself, but just cant help herself, and its tearing her apart. When she is having a "good" day, all she does is try to please everyone around her...to make up for the "bad" days, it seems.....
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Name: jason | Date: Apr 4th, 2006 10:33 PM
i have adhd and ritalin does not work 

Name: emtf71 | Date: Apr 4th, 2006 10:45 PM
I feel your pain. My son was the same way. We did the same things. Finally when he was in kindergarden we put him on ritalin 10 mg. It helped alot granted it dosen't cure it he still get's introuble but not as much. He will also need to be reminded to control his impulssiveness but he is not labled being the bad kid anymore just normal kid trouble. My husband and are happy that he is happy now . The only concern we have now is about the drug and what it is doing to his health so we just keep are eye's and ears open for him. it is a scary decision but so far the out come of it all has really helped him and that what's matters. 

Name: rachel | Date: Apr 20th, 2006 4:07 AM
hi,i understand 100% what your saying and feel for you!! i have a 7year old son who was the same way!! he has been on ritalin for nearly 2years now, he has 10mg of ritalin & 40mg of sttr in the morning and 10mg of ritalin at dinner time but none at a tea time,As i found the tablets to keep him awake most of the night!! I really couldnt cope with him unless he had the tablets,but it breaks my heart to say this but it is true!! i dont see the what the tablets help him to do as i give him his first tablet at 8am then he has his second tablet at 11.30am!! so when he comes out of school the tablets have worn off!! its only on a weekend and school holidays when i see that they do help! i felt the same way as you even now i hate 3pm going to pick him up from school,because all the other parants dont speak to me because they have seen my son kick off lash out and swear. but because i am only 25 and had him when i was so young i feel that is the problem and they all think i dont care but they dont know what kind of life we have or how hard and upseting it is when the whole class apart from my son have inviteded each other to partys,etc makes my heart break for him!! but yeah i do think ritalin works fantastic for him,at first i was a bit shocked when he first had a tablet he was like a zombie,so calm and quiet i wanted to take him off them but i spoke to my doctor and he said this would happen untill he got used to the drug so i took his word for it!! and i am glad i never as i can now see my lovely little boy the only next step is taking him off ritalin to try the strratic on its own,but i dont mind at all as long as one tablet instead of 3will make his health alot better!! GOOD LUCK!! 

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