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Hi I have a 4.5year old son and he is a only child but he is out of control at the moment and I was wondering if i could get any help or advice. I have been reading everything over the net about behavioral problems and he is showing most of the symptoms of ADHD but then he has also got others that aren't mention.
He is very much into the destructive play and is always on the go and cannot keep still and has a lot of trouble putting things in order and following simple tasks like clean your bedroom but then he also has a very bad temper in the fact that he will throw things at the door and wet himself and then 30-40mins later be fine and have no idea why he is wet and why I am cross with him. We have tryed all methods of punishments on him and nothing works, he just shruggs his shoulders and says go on. This afternoon he has destroyed his bedroom and ripped his curtains out of the wall again even though he knows that its naughty. We have both reached the end of temper with him and both really need help and advice on how to control him as to me he is getting worse and his attitude stinks. We don't give in to him as we know he will be a lot worse but this behaviour can't carry on. Sometimes watching him play you would think that he is 2 and not nearly 5 as he still put all his toys in his mouth, he breaks everything and draws on walls and has now started stealing our things so that when we go to bed we have to look our lounge door (mainly for his safety as we have a door that leads to a balcony). The other thing that we have noticed is that if he is watching tv or walking around he will sometimes just randomly punch himself in the head or pinch himself and I know that isn't normal. We don't know what else to do with him so please can someone help or advice us. We have taken him to doctors and they keep saying that he is a normal little boy but the signs say something different.
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Name: flaminjo | Date: Jun 10th, 2009 6:34 AM
Please do not take him to doctor who has no experience with autism,instead take him to an expert who can do a thorough and scientific checkup.
because at an early age if treated there are greater chances of it being cured or atleast controlled to a great extent.

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Name: redfan | Date: Jun 10th, 2009 7:13 AM
ok thank you very much. I will make a appointment and get him referred to someone who can help.

Thank you 

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