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My son will be 9 in 14 days. He's been playing team sports since he's been 3yrs old. He does have natural athletic ability but he has issues with being impulsive. Today was a really bad day. We had a socceer game in which my son decided to loose his temper and started pushing and shoving the other team. Of course he justifies it by saying they started it first and of course as a Mom sitting on the side lines I have to hear the parents from the other team say " O my God look at that kid". It's hurts to say sometimes I get so embarressed. I think the hardest part is he had been doing so well and just when you let your guard down and think he's improving something like this happens. Is it worth it? Why do I have to always feel so embarresed? I tell my self that all children are special in their own way and I should love him for who he is but I always seem to care about what everyone else is saying about my son. Then of course I go through feeling guilty that I'm a bad Mom because I cared more about being embarressed than being proud of my son. Any words of wisdom?
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Name: tracy | Date: Aug 30th, 2005 1:00 AM
my son who is now 10 was in soccer also and it was anightmare he would do the same thing, fight with his teammates or whoever happened to be in his path at the time. I put him karate instead, of course its not a team sport but it teaches him so much more like self disipline and patience and so much more. Yes there has been times when he would get mad and not do what his instructer wanted, or argure with him, but the only one that would suffer would be him he would have to sit out and when he would decide to do what he was told he has to pushups or whatever before could join back in, and the best part is he is not allowed to fight no matter what and he hasn't, not in over ayear! I recomend karate for every ADHD kid. My son still drives me crazy, but he is somewhat more respestfull to other people other than me, someday maybe that respect willrollover towards me. But give it a try at least talk to someone else thats in it.GOOD LUCK 

Name: super mom | Date: Aug 31st, 2005 5:19 PM
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Name: boogie | Date: Sep 1st, 2005 8:59 AM
No it is not unusual to feel this way. Embarrasment caused by our children is the way we teach ourselve to realize there is something we need to teach to our children or realize what we knew as children our selves. When we were young we did not think about what other people said about us. But when we became adults over the years we gradually realize how important what people think of us matters.Does he realize what he is doing? Stop him and show him the reactions of the people. Other adults will say Oh my God only because they have children that do the same but theirs did not happen to do it at that chosen time. That is why they can judge yours. Try telling him that every time he reacts to the situation the wrong way you will take something form him. And he has to earn it back with his behavior. Your not a bad mother, your cornered. And the only way out is to feel embarrased. email me @ [email protected] 

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