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I'm not looking for a cure I only wish ther was one. But i look every day and it seems that people are just trying to make money of their products between vitimans and gagets. I'm sure some do work. But how can you tell between fraud and the real remedies that can help your child. I heard rummors about phamerciticals pushing pills to make money for the goverment. They have everything So one day you feel sad the have a pill to make you happy. I don't know maybe I'm just getting paraniod. I just want to give my son all the tools to make it in life he means the world to me and of course you feel the same way or you wouldn't be here. Things are tough dealing with adhd but some how we get threw. I'm almost at the point to say good bye to drugging my son even though it helped him tremendous. I know I will problemly go crazy I have two other children beside my 7 year old and I hope I will find that diet that will help and the chart without the meds. will help him I just have to pray to god to give my son what he needs with out drugs and me. If anyone has done this please reply and let me know how you cope with a child off of meds. thank you
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