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Name: Delisa | Date: Jul 13th, 2009 3:02 AM
What made a HUGE difference for my 5 yr old ADHD son was to put him on the Feingold Program (www.feingold.org), which eliminates from their diet things like artificial colors & flavors & a few petroleum based preservatives. And we don't have to use any drugs w/ him. I can now take my son to the doctor w/ me, and he's not bouncing off the wall & into everything--unheard of before we started the Feingold program.

We are fine-tuning w/ him and trying some supplementation including Listol because I've heard that ADHD kids are deficient in a number of vitamins & minerals, but it was the Feingold program that made the HUGE difference. BTW, here's the supplements that a therapist who works w/ ADHD kids has found to work well w/ most ADHD kids:

Fish oil
Vit B Complex (esp Vit B6)
Calcium & Magnesium (equal or greater amounts of Magnesium)
Antioxidants A, C & E

There is often a buildup of toxic metals w/ ADHD kids because their bodies are deficient in what is required to detoxify heavy metals. The chlorella, selenium & antioxidants help get rid of heavy metals.

And when your ADHD child is bouncing off the walls, try giving him/her an epson salt bath. For most kids, this works amazingly in calming them down.


Name: Sylvia | Date: Jan 8th, 2010 5:15 PM
To all parents out there who have a child with adhd and/or autism, I plead with you all to try natural products before resorting to ritalin or any other horrid drug. I have a six yr old, adhd/autistic and I have him on a high concentrated form of omega three, and b complex vitamin liquid and a multivitamin andmineral liquid. I give him 1tsp of each a day and there has been a notable change in behaviour and concentration and speech, its amazing! You can find all these products at the health food store, they may be a little expensive but isnt your child worth it? 

Name: jennjenn | Date: Oct 25th, 2010 9:46 PM
Is there any side effects to be

concerned of with Listol? My eight year has

ADHD and I want to try a home remedy,

because like everyone side effects of these

drugs are unsafe. Has anyone taken Listol

for a long period and if so has the symptoms

improved overall is it worth it, or have any

bad effects? Please help!! 

Name: Joy | Date: Jan 2nd, 2011 12:12 AM
Most of these posts are quite old but just in case anyone out there is still reading this.
I bought Listol for my 14 y.o. son several years ago due to questionable ADHD. He tried it but didn't continue it. He said it did help but had his reasons for quitting. I am a nurse and have trouble focusing. I get laughed at quite a bit because I am so "ditzy" which is not a good attribute for a nurse to have. My work was extremely stressful and I really needed to focus so I tried it and really noticed an improvement in my work performance. My co-workers even commented without knowing I was taking anything! 

Name: Rene | Date: Feb 28th, 2011 1:46 PM
My 7 year old daughter has been taking Listol for three weeks now and I have not seen any change. Her Vice Principal has said she seems less bouncy and talkative. Her teacher says she has seen some difference but not much. She does complain about stomach aches when she takes them but I think it's because she eats like a bird and it recommends you take the meds with food. She mostly complains about stomach pain when the school gives her her meds. She eats lunch at 11 and doesn't take her pill again till 1 so I think that might be why her stomach hurts. She was taking Concerta which helped tremendously but I took her off due to her loss of appetite and mood swings. She became very emotional while on Concerta. I am thinking about giving her 4 pills a day instead of 3 to see if it helps. My opinion on Listol is its better than giving your child all those other pills with such horrible side effects. I will post more info once I have noticed a more significant change in her behavior. Good luck parents. I also recommend you get involved at the schools. Sometimes the teachers just need to try and have more patience. For you teachers I know it can be overwhelming teaching children and teaching when you have 3 kids in your class like my daughter but I ask that you take the health hazards of these medications in consideration and how hard of a decision it is for parents to administer these pills to their children. Like they say these pills weren't around when we were in school and we turned out just fine! Well some of us did. ;0). 

Name: Fausto | Date: Jun 11th, 2011 6:58 PM
I started Listol for my 8 years old on about a month ago, and all I saw was signs of getting worse. He is still on it hoping that things would change but does anyone if this is a legit products?
We all know that marketing strategies to sell products, and by all means this is not cheap, companies would go to false statements to get profits. I hope this is not one of these companies.

Name: Alexa Turkington | Date: Jul 14th, 2011 12:57 PM
My grandson is 4 and has all the symptoms of ADHD and my daughter is at her wits end with him. We were told to buy listol tablets which we ordered. Can anyone tell me our they ok for his age as on the bottle it says from age 6 

Name: Leanne | Date: Aug 25th, 2011 7:00 PM
I came across this babycrowd.com site in doing research on Listol for ADD. Just wanted to refer everyone to a warning letter from the FDA I found while researching. http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/Gu

I searched on "Brad Chase of Progressive Health". This warning letter is enough to prevent me from giving Listol to my nine year old. Best wishes to everyone looking for natural remedies. 

Name: Tabetha | Date: Sep 6th, 2011 3:25 PM
I have a 10 yr old who has had trouble focusing on schoolwork since 1st grade. She is now in 5th. Thank goodness she's very smart! Otherwise, she would struggle more. She was "diagnosed" with adhd. The doctor, surprised that she does well in school, wanted to put her on ritalin. I asked him if there were ANY natural alternatives. He gave me a flat NO answer. I knew better. We never filled the prescription and never saw him again. She's doing better. I just heard of listol, but didn't know the cost. I think I'll get some more vitamins with DHA "focus" at the natural food store. Her teacher last yr had said she noticed a difference in her focusing while taking that. I'll never put my kids on drugs for being different. My husband was diagnosed with adhd and he does great. Everyone learns differently and that's ok. My husband dropped out of high school because the school stuck him in special ed all the time. He never got a GED but he makes $1000/wk and he's the smartest person I know. 

Name: Sharon | Date: Oct 8th, 2011 5:18 PM
I have never tried pharmaceuticals for my son. Didn't want the side effects and/or lifelong label. Tried Listol 1st. It's been AMAZING!! I could tell a differnece in his ability to "stay" in a conversation within the first 2 days. Started out on the recommended dosage but found half of that (1 time a day vs 2 times) worked sufficiently. His grade went up (A's and B's now vs C's and D's and almost F's), his self esteem went up, even his penmanship improved. He fought me on it at first but within a year or so of starting and stopping he came to realize that his life ran better when he takes it. Now he tell ME when he's running low. Been taking it for about 3 yrs now and we've recently run out. He doesn't take it in the summer time either. We've both noticed that now, he seems to be doing okay without it. Could he be CURED? Is there such a thing? Or has Listol simply given his developing brain a chance to experience what real focus is and now he's able to do it on his own? I recommend it to EVERYBODY to try it first before drugs. It's changed our lives. He's been ADD since he first started school. Didn't come to terms with it until almost junior high. He's a junior in high school now and he LOVES his life and he LOVES school! I'm going to buy another bottle just to have on hand for special occasions or in case he reverts but we're hopeful and very happy with the results. So glad I did my research first. I HIGHLY recommend it. Good luck. You won't be sorry. 

Name: Sharon | Date: Oct 8th, 2011 5:36 PM
Btw.... I just read the response a couple above mine that give a link to an FDA warning letter. For that person I would just like to say that the FDA has sold out to big Pharma. IMHO, it's primary goal now seems to be to eliminate all natural remedies that REALLY work (treat the root cause, provide non-invasive cures) leaving only pharmaceuticals on the market (mask the symptoms, have nasty side effects, enable disease to continue indefinitely for continued profits) I want my Zicam BACK you MF'ers! Big Pharma kills/injures more people yearly than heart disease or cancer!! But Big Pharma want ALL the money and the FDA is simply provides the strong arm for their Gestapo tactics. Do you REALLY think your gvmnt is working to protect YOU? OMG....wake up! Or go back to sleep and get another vaccination....your choice. 

Name: Jacqui | Date: Oct 19th, 2011 11:02 AM
I tried Listol on my 14yr old ADHD daughter, It worked but she stopped taking it due to fishy burps and tummy pains! This was prior to getting her diagnosis. She has been on Straterra for 4 weeks and now refuses to go to school, get up or do anything, she is having aggressive episodes. Today I am stopping Strattera, I hope to coax her back onto Listol, the only natural product that has worked, I will now makes sure she eats prior to the pills. 

Name: Kim | Date: Jan 23rd, 2012 6:47 AM
I'm 50 and recently diagnosed with ADD; however, I've suspected it starting about 7 years ago, while going through a divorce. My good friend, who works with disabilities, said there's no way I could be because I finished college. But, I'm here to tell you it was a struggle. Although I have scored high on intelligence tests, I've always had to work really hard at staying focused.
Several months ago, I was prescribed Vyvance and it worked wonders. However, the side effects, especially the headaches when I "came down" in the evening were too much for me. I also noticed my heart raced if I didn't eat protein with it. Also, my nose broke out and turned red, so I stopped. I then went on Celexa, but that too gave me side effects. I couldn't sleep on it. I wonder if ADD/ADHD people are just sensitive, period? I'm sensitive to light, sound, medications and I'm easily distracted and annoyed.
I've recently been experimenting with supplements/vitamins that are known to be low in ADD/ADHD people and I've been eating healthier foods, too. I have noticed considerable improvement. So much so, I'm going to try the Feingold Diet. I've always noticed foods effect my moods, so I think I'll give it a shot. I will post again to let you know how it goes.
One other thing, I found out that I was very low on Vit D. As a kid I craved the outdoors. It makes me wonder if it's because of the Vit D from the sunshine that made me feel much better. Exercise also works wonders! Doesn't hurt to have the doc test your/your childs vit D levels. Low Vit D causes tons of problems.
Good luck to all! 

Name: Raquel | Date: Jan 27th, 2012 5:18 PM
Johanna, I have a 13 yrs old that has tried all the med available to us in Canada. He has developed tic from each med taken. So was diagnosed at the age of 8. Have gone thru all the side effects but tic are the worsest. Have am now trying different vitamins to see if they will help. B6, B75, & Taurine, addernal support. I have done alot of reading about listol. I would like to try it but can't get it in canada as fas as I can see. I am frustrated and worried about my daughters health on this med and am in need of an alternative...can someone tell me where they are getting listol from ? can u purchase on line? 

Name: Jenna | Date: Feb 23rd, 2013 7:01 PM
My son is 10 and has ADHD. We are taking EMPower Plus Advanced and it is working incredibly well. It's a product that can only be found through TrueHope.com
I came to hear about this company and line of natural products through a friend of mine who has struggled her entire life with being Bi-Polar. On top of her Bi-polar she also had struggles with anxiety and ADHD. She's been taking this product for years. Its all natural and has changed her life completely! You can check out personal testimonies on youtube by searching under TrueHope.com The Discovery Channel did a 3 part segement about this company and their amazing product.
While I am total support of their product I also believe that you need to find a product that works best for you and your family. Best wishes to all! 

Name: Nami | Date: Aug 14th, 2013 2:00 AM
My 29 years old son told me, his doctor prescription Adderall to help him to concentrate to do his work. I read all this comments, and I will tell my son how dangerous to take Adderall. Thank you for all your comments. 

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