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Hi to everyone. My name is Rachel and I have joined this site today. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD last December and since then we have tried different medications to help her condition. Although we have now found her behaviour to be more stable we still have problems relating to her and her needs. It would be nice to be able to share our troubles with other parents and for us to be able to advise also. I look forward to hearing from anyone that wishes to chat.
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Name: michellefarnham | Date: Nov 19th, 2006 9:14 PM
Hi Rachel..im new too...I have an 8 yr old with ADHD...we have the same problems relating and im trying really really hard to understand adhd..she is taking concerta...wears off in the evening...getting her to do homework is a nightmare....any suggestions? hope all is well would love to chat with ya.. 

Name: flamom | Date: Nov 19th, 2006 10:18 PM
I've been on for about two months and some moms are frequent to the site. My 10 yr old son is very bright but has adhd- mostly impulsive and needs coaxing/supervision with hw. We started Folcalin 5mg. about 6 wks now and it's great. Still has apetite and good through school. I don't see weight loss and sleep problems like we had while he was on Adderrall. A good site is Dr. Phils site and also CHADD. I'm also starting to look into nutrition more closely and fish oil/flaxseed. However, while in school he needs rx makes a big difference. Take care. 

Name: Lucky | Date: Nov 20th, 2006 2:22 PM
Hi Michelle. Nice to meet you and thanx for your reply. My chloe had been on concerta for about 6 months. She is also 8 years old. Before this she was taking Equasym every 4 hours which was difficult as her school were not making sure that she took her lunchtime dose. When we changed to concerta we found that before her tablet (which she took at 8am every morning) she refused to get herself sorted out and ready for school sometimes refusing to take her tablet at all. She would cause mayhem and as I have 2 other children (one of 12 and one of 2) it was a real struggle. I explained this to her consultant on our next visit and she advised giving her half an equasym tablet when she got out of bed and giving this a little time to get into her system. This would help to calm her down enough to sit and eat breakfast and get ready for school. Then once 8am came round, she would take her concerta tablet which would then help her through the rest of the day. In your case maybe this could be done but at the other end of the day wen your daughter comes home from school. I strongly suggest you chat with your consultant about this as it is very worrying giving two different types of medication in one day. The other alternative is to change her medication completely. Chloe is now on Equasym XL which is another 12 hour releasing tablet and she is at the moment much better. The effects of this wear off when she is in bed which is fab and we have found that she is still alert enough in the evenings to do her homework.
Do you feel u are getting enough support from your daughters school? On the few evenings that Chloe dosent want to do her homework, I make a note in her homework diary to explain why her homework has not been completed. The school are very understanding. Maybe this another option for you. Perhaps if u make an appointment to speak with your daughters head and explain, with your daughter there with you, the problems you are having. I found that wen chloe was diagnosed we were sent away with a prescription for medication and some leaflets to read. No help was offered to us at all. I have since found out that not only is this a problem for yourself and your daughter, it is also something that your gp, your school and the school nurse need to be involoved in.
I hope I have offered a little bit of comfort for you Michelle but please get back in touch with your consultant and discuss the possibilitys I have suggested. Let me know how u get on. Im on here every day. Take care 

Name: Lucky | Date: Nov 20th, 2006 2:25 PM
Thanx flamom for your reply. Nice to hear from you. 

Name: billy22 | Date: Nov 21st, 2006 12:39 AM
Hi Lucky~ So I have a son who's been diagnosed for 4 years and is now 12. It does get better with age is my experience. We tried a ton of meds through out those 4 years and although they worked a little, we noticed it really made his behavior worse a lot of the time. We decided that the side effects were not worth it anymore. Although he has trouble focusing in class, his behavior has been a lot better this year and he is easier to handle at home, which I can contribute some of this to just plain tolerance. We have learned a lot of patience over the past 4 years and I think that it's paid off:) I've noticed that he's hitting puberty and for what ever reason, he is way more laid back this school year. NO COMPLAINTS HERE! So although i have no real advice, I hope my experience is a little helpful. This site is a huge help when you feel like you have exuasted all of your other resources:) GOOD LUCK! 

Name: fancy | Date: Nov 21st, 2006 3:55 AM
Hi lucky I have a eight year old who has ADHD and hes been on all kinds of medicine and his doctor hes now on concerta 2 pills of the 27 mg so far hes doing okay but still has his moments but he also has a learning problem too where he cant understand whats been read to him its a long road ahead but we will all get there welcome to the chat and hope to chat with you soon take care 

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