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my 4 year old daughter has adhd she has tried ritalin and dexamphetemine and these medications stop the hyperactivity and concentration but seem to make her so grumpy and irritable, im going out of my mind
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Name: boogie | Date: Sep 1st, 2005 9:56 AM
I'm sorry but I do nt agree that a child 4 yrs of age is ADHD. She should not be on meds. Find her outlet of energy and forfill this. Art, sports, crafts, videos etc. Keep her day full of activities and she will not have time to act up. I have 2 chidren with ADHD and I am also diagnosed. We are multi tasked people and need many thing availavle to use if we get bored with one thing. Watching a movie and reading and listening to music at the same time are not unusual for us. As long as we can turn our attention to something else immediately we are calm and fine. But with children keep it in the same learning factor. I.E. run a video of math with a learning book of math and a deck of flash cards of math, all in the same day. We love the challange and so will she. She is busy. Remember multi task, we usually become some of the most sucessful people in the world because our attention is not to one task. email me [email protected] 

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