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Hi, never used a chatroom before but as my child reaches his 5th birthday i'm worried and need some advise! Does he need a doctor?
He was a difficult baby who never stopped crying, I have had this confirmed by his childminder (as I worked part time) who coped for 6 weeks and gave me her notice and by his subsiquent nursery who said theres loads of staff here and we cant manage how do you (he was eight months old by then which seemed easy in comparsion to when he started walking at ten months)?! As a toddler well there was no words for it apart from complete mental breakdown (for me!), he never stopped moving and demanding and crying. All efforts of discipline which were put into place failed and were stuck at beyond human patience, bedtimes of controlled crying were ten hour sessions a night for two weeks at a time which would fail eventually as well as other methods. Believe me when i say I persevered and didnt give in easily. I still dont, I see many mothers give in to sweets in shops etc but I'm not one of them. My child seems so strong willed and hyperactive I thought it would have stopped by now. His actions seem uncontrollable constant body movement and talking (loudly mostly). He is a gorgeous charming boy and seems very bright for his age. His concentration span is limited but there at times of interest where he does listen. My partner has three older children from a previous marriage so has plenty of experience with children and he says oliver is the livliest child he has ever met with the most persitancy! Any ideas or advise would be welcomed.
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Name: mybonkerslife | Date: Aug 2nd, 2011 4:34 PM
He sounds exactly like my son who is 8 now,when he was younger,with the exception that he was a really good baby.it has been a nightmare getting help and diagnosis,it seems that until they act up at school
you dont seem to get anywhere.he has adhd & asd & also hearing aids bless him, so loads to deal with but he does great.yes he is full on, even with meds and behavioral course we completed but it has improved.persevere with seeing a doc,or we joined group called adhd solutions who give great advice and help (although dont know where u are?)..if he is surely school will pick something up,although you never know!we also have a great senco teacher at my sons school who has helped alot. dont give up,am sure u doing a great job. good luck! its exhausting but they are lovely kids ! 

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