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Hi i am writing above, and could really use some support/advice/suggestions re: my son dx with add/adhd for quite some time, His parents and i are divorced, father does not beleive this dx, well now i have complete control of all disissions re: my children, as we do not agree on anything, so now i have him on Ritalin LA 20 mg. just increased on Feb 7 07 b/c of no improvement, and finally was able to get him on an IEP just another thing his father was opposed to, go back to the dr March 7 to see in the increase has helped and also decide maybe need to change meds, I just feel so helpless/stressed, plus he doesn't want anyhing to do with his father for about 3 months b/c all he does is put him down. Please help
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Name: Panda | Date: Feb 18th, 2007 10:45 PM
Thanks for any help.advice/support you may have to offfer 

Name: TomMom | Date: Mar 8th, 2007 7:28 PM
Hi Panda, I am living your nightmare as well except that my husband and I got back together after 2 years and now I wish we hadn't. Our son is gifted/adhd except his father will not accept the diagnosis of adhd and wants him off all meds and believes he just needs a lot of hard discipline. Son is 14 and crashing and burning in school right now. He won't do his work in class or do his homework without my standing over him. I am trying to get his dosage of Concerta raised as I do not believe it is working for more than a little while right now. Husband puts son down on a regular basis too and has little positive interaction, even gets mad and pouts. I think this adds to son's problems at school a great deal. I just want you to know I sympathize with you. Hang in there and don't force your son to be with his father when it is not a positive thing. My son is sure his father doesn't like or love him. What your son needs most from you is unconditional love. It is difficult to maintain in your situation but you have to for your children. TomMom 

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