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I have alwayS Had ADD or ADHD I am true ADD I will never grow out of this. This is Not a disease don't treat your children this way, I resented my mom for that. YESSS, we are hyper and yess we do not paying attention BUT TEACH THEM HOW TO HANDLE IT tell them WAIT, STOP , THINK 1ST THEN REACTION, it will start comming natural to them AND LET them learn how to cope, with it you have no idea how hard it can be. Just be there, and they will need you :) MOST IMPORTANT BE THERE FRIEND.
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Name: emtf71 | Date: Mar 8th, 2006 5:50 PM
I agree with you I'm 34 and I have adhd and so does my son 7yr old and granted it is hard for him but I understand him and will do anything for him to be accepted as normal in this world but it is hard when they think normal is calm and not hyper he has a lot of energy and what is so wrong about that i will never know. 

Name: denise | Date: Mar 9th, 2006 6:02 PM
wuz u amanda I have adhd to how do you fill about it 

Name: AMANDA | Date: Apr 19th, 2006 4:21 AM
dear emtf71 or any one who know what this is like....
I guess when i found this site i was out raged!! i could not believe some of the things that i had read, it is not a disease, but a disorder (i strongly believe---get IT attention dif DISORDER), It just makes me so mad: The Feelings are so emotional, THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND: SOME DOCTORS say they compare to syptomes simallar bi-polar did u know that]... i have learn how to cope and have read every book and internet thang i could get my hand on !!! WELL I GUESS some days are good but most are bad... A good day is just running into walls at my house (we dont pay attention)..OR turning words and number back wardS....BAD ON THE CHECK BOOK.!.
i have know thE walls in my house for years..he he..and i check book is checkED over and over again..KIDDY DAYS:I have always got into touble at school for talking to loud, daydream, not listen...etc and it was hard for me to make friends.. but i guess u learn how to deal.... THE DAY i found out i was thumbing through my high school records... the week i was graduating high school . (i found tons of doctors notes from grade school to teachers vs teachers notes about what i was doing.wrong in class... tons of them) i always know i was different but didnt know why... my secrete... why didnt i just get it or do what ever i was told or just fit in.... THE DAY I FOUND THAT IN MY HIGH SCHOOL RECORDS i flipped out called my mom at work (i am happy person keep in mind) i screamed at her WHY WHY WHY DIDNT U JUST TELL ME???? she replied SHE WANTED ME TO HAVE A CHANCE AT LIFE AND NOT TO HAVE AN EXCUSE... and i hated her that day... NOW 24YRS i love my mom i understand what she did to protect me but i wish i would have known (AND I HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS)and i have come to adjust to my needs....in disbelief at 1st i researched add and adhd some much I took the final test which i a PET SCAN OF MY BRAIN ACTIVY... which shows add people have less yellow (by far VS the ones which are so called normal when thinking)but the weiredest thang i read was One of the major signS of it all i found was i wreckED my car all the time.. not just driving but most of them were in parking lots or objects that were close, or while singing to my music....well so i decieded to go back to the family doctor we always have BE WITH (that in my records i had found out 1st diagnost the add )and talk a bout i cure... i wanted to feel normal for the 1st time in my life... LITTLE DID I KNOW IT IS NOT CURABLE there is only treatment; so i diecied to try retailen which i tried every thang ever brand and +time release but relitan is the only thang that work for me... TODAY... I am have adjusted to think 1st it has come more natural the more i do i...but i forget sometime. LAST WORDS: DOES ANYONE HAVE A CURE???? I BELIEVE THERE HAS GOT TO BE ONE!!....BUT....WOULD I CHANGE ME.... I DOUBT IT... I DONT KNOW IF I WOULD CURE IT , ITS WHAT MAKES ME ......ME *A PS dont be make a mistake and be ashamed, when i talk about it IT MAKES ME FEEL okay, we are just people. EVERYTHING HELPS DONT HIDE WHAT YOU ARE BUT DONT TELL EVERYONE YOU MEET... JUST REMEMBER ,,,, TO THINK ABOUT IT AND YOU CAN. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING 

Name: AMANDA | Date: Apr 19th, 2006 5:06 AM
hi i got a email just in case anyone need someone,
or just want to talk.
[email protected]
email anytime i will get back to u asap 

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