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i think I might be all wrong for her. No matter what I try she just dose not seem to understand. Her step brothers hate her and her older sister is so fraustrated. The doctors here are so slow I have been trying to get her diagnosed but they have not gotten her into see a specialiest. I know she has ADHD I just need the Doctor;s to say it. Anyway I am thinking about letting her go live with my mother where she would get total one on one but my mother failed with me and I am just lost I am so afraid that I am going to lose her to abuse and drugs. No matter what we try nothing seems to get through. All the major talks in this house are about what we are doing and we do not know what else to do. She is always lashing out at her sybillings and she is always anger and crying. She acts as if we do not love here. We have gotten the violent outburst under controll. We seem to get through and get her on track about 1 day every three months and then she is right back to the selfish behavior. I want her to be able to interact with out making everyone around her want to kill her.
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