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My son is 5 and just started kindergarten 2weeks ago. He has already gotten 3 frowning faces in the last 3 days. He is very active and does not know how to control his talking. He is adopted, so we are struggling with this behavior. Don't know it this behavior is hereditary or what. He can also be defiant at times. It has been a ruff last couple of days. This behavior is not new, he has been like this since about age 3. I have a hard time accepting the fact that he may adhd. I want to do what is best for him. I have heard so may bad things about some of the medications that are prescribed for ADHD. I want to have him tested, but I am having a hard time accepting that my son may need medication to make him behave. any suggestions?
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Name: TLCisaQT | Date: Oct 8th, 2008 4:48 AM
If he really is ADHD then it's better to have him on a medication that will help him than to have him struggle in his daily life and with relationships with teachers and other children. Also, it is better that they take medication under the supervison of a professional than to self-medicate later on down the road. If it is ADHD, then there could be a hereditary component. Is there anything different that happened since he was 3 that may be a clue? Good luck and I hope you come to a decision that works for you and your son. 

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