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Hello all,

If you're feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel because of your kids with ADHD or other issues, please read on.

Wanted: Full or part time live in or live out nanny/personal/family assistant position

About you:
I am seeking a family from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area with children age 3 and up who are looking for more than just someone who can cook and clean up after their kids. If hired and those were requirements, I would of course fulfill them, but I offer much more in addition. The ideal family, in my mind, has a parent or parents who understand the need for visual arts in a child’s life and knows the enormous educational benefits regarding all school subjects such participation brings, and are looking for someone who is willing to commit to their children’s success on a long term basis. I prefer a full time opportunity, but welcome part time as well. I am comfortable with families with special needs children including ADHD, ODD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, bi-polar and any other related behavioral, developmental or emotional issues.

About me:
I have devoted my life to the improvement of young people. Areas of experience: Working with and teaching all school subjects to emotionally, and learning-disabled boys age 6-18. A live in direct care specialist and teacher at a residential treatment facility for boys with anger management, abandonment and traumatic past issues, ADHD, ODD, bi-polar, high functioning autistic and Asperger’s syndrome as well as numerous other disorders.

I have also been an assistant teacher for normally developing and above average kids age 3-6 in Reggio Emilia and Montessori settings.

I also have experience as an after school and summer camp program creator of an award winning art curriculum that in the course of six short years has garnered more than 240 wins in national contests for the children I have taught (a record unsurpassed in the region) and won two awards of curriculum excellence.

I am trained in CPR, First Aid and CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention). I hold numerous awards of excellence in teaching, have attended hundreds of hours of additional training and research and at seminars have presented case histories and studies of successful strategies and interventions involving my students. Additionally, while I’m not a world-class chef, I can create numerous delicious dishes for you and your children to enjoy.

I can help you in your quest for strategies in attaining the best school experience for your children including discussion of questions to ask the teachers based on current circumstances.

To sum it up, I have numerous stories of extreme success involving the students I have reached and I would be happy to share them with you. I also have been awarded many letters of recommendation from the supervisors and co-workers I was fortunate to work with.

Why choose me:
I am NOT a 19 year old college kid with my own aspirations in mind who will leave you stranded when I find something better. I am an adult with a solid history of working with children and teens of all age ranges and abilities and I intend this to be a long-term commitment. Helping YOUR kids IS my aspiration. I genuinely want your children to succeed in everything they set out to do. I will work side by side with you in your goals to nurture your children and help them become responsible and caring individuals. I want these things for your children not because I am paid for it, but because it is my life’s guiding principle. My track record of success in reaching children of all ages and abilities, regardless of struggles or perceived obstacles speaks for itself. Words on a page cannot properly describe the incredibly positive experiences children have had while working with me. You know your children are great, contact me now so I can help them SHOW you. If you're ready for your kids' greatness, I want to work with YOU.
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