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I want to know what I can do to help my son get off his meds. I hate to give him the meds, but I know he needs them. He really does do better in school with the meds. I never give him the meds over summer, because I really don't have that hard a time controlling him, but once he starts school his teachers don't know what to do. Is there any mom's out there that have done something else besides the meds?
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Name: boogie | Date: Sep 1st, 2005 8:17 AM
Take him off the meds. He will only depend on them all his life. You don't have a hard time with him over the summer because he is busy doing what he wants to do. Children like this are usually very intellgent and crave more than one detail at a time, believe it or not. They have so much energy they need more than one thing to do at a time. My son is busy all his waking days and I make sure of this. He goes to school, comes home, straight after that it is homework, usually with my help repeating do you work and then chores afterwords. I have let him know that I will check all at the end of the day. He knows if I catch a mistake in anything he has done that day he will have to repeat what he has done again and again until it is right. I know that it will be stressfull but in a week or two you will notice a difference. I don't believe in meds and have never given my children anything but tylenol. Be firm, lay off the sugars, and keep timed regular meals and he will be fine. And talk about every day, his problems, experiences, and disappointments to help him with his trying times. Lots of luck and love, [email protected] 

Name: Terri Marshall | Date: Sep 2nd, 2005 4:03 PM
I took my son to the PNP center in Lewisville TX. Insurance covered part of it. It was founded by Dr. Lawlis seen on the Dr. Phil show. Check out
My hat is off to you for looking further into the needs of your child. I went through the same situation with my son. There is help out there and you are not alone. 

Name: Sunny | Date: Sep 23rd, 2005 6:53 PM
Initial Complete Evaluation - $7175.00
The link Terri Marchall listed is a very costly choice! 

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