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I have no support system, I am a single mother to my five year old son. Whom not only has been recently diagnosed as ADHD but also has had a very rough time this past year and a half... Im trying behavioral couseling and behavior charts but sometimes his behavior is beyond my strength. I feel like Im fighting with him everyday... its a battle of wills. And by time Im home from work I dont have it in me to battle. Hes mouthy, disrespectful, nosey, impulsive, angry,loud, but behind it all hes an amazingly smart and sweet loving little boy. I just dont know what to do anymore ! I wanna give up all the time but I dont wanna medicate him just to make it easier for me. Im afraid it may change his personality... which without all the bad parts, is amazing. Hes a total people person!
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Name: Seansmom | Date: May 27th, 2011 6:12 PM
My 8 year old has just beeen diagnosed with ADHD and has similar behaviours. I find he's just trying to get some kind of stimulation because things are too slow. I try and redirect the energy into something fun. It's not that your son wishes to fight with you. He's just looking for something to stimulate his brain. Choose your battles. I understand your frustration... 

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