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I have a brother whom i ve been looking after since 18 months,he is now 2 years and 11 months,he will be 3 july 23.First 18 months he lived with his mother who divorced my dad when he was less than a month.She forbid anyone from our family to see him.One day my aunt informed my father that akko(my brother)had yellow fever and she left the child to go to another city.After court battle we got him,he was 18 months but 7 kgs.First day not even 5 people could hold him.After 3 days but he adjusted but i went through hell but i tried talking to my father to give him back but he wouldnot.Not because i don't love him.I think he is the best thing that ever happened to me.Well we tried to be on friendlier terms but she haven't visited once because she remarried when he was 5 months and now has 2 children.A toddler and infant.When we call she told don't disturb her and boy was she rude.Akko behaves better than his first week.He loves everyone in the family.His school teachers love him but they say he doesnot behave or sit once still.When asked do something he gets angry ,yells and hits.Last week he broke forhead of his cousin when my husband took him there.I tried to find him tutor but 4/5 tutors said they can't manage him.If he could sit for a minute i might think it was accident.But i know my child and it is not the first time he hurt someone.He can't sit without fidgeting ,trying to get up,throwing his arms around.He is ver active.All day palying still he is like bouncing ball never tried.He doesnot listen to anyone ,infact he hits anyone when told not to do anything.When trying talk to him to anything he dislikes,He cries and sleep,if we don't give in.I try as much not to but it is very difficult.He is very aggressive,has almost no attention spam.he believes he should come first and anyone else should come next.Reacts that way,He behaves that way everywhere.All day he is running and jumping up and down,talking constantly without any thought to what anyone says.He falls very often no matter how much we look after him.Putting him to sleep is nightmare.Not that he does not have his moments,he can sweet angel and is very lovely when jabbering ,even when he is misbehaving.But the fact is we live in a developing country where there are no child therapist ,only a pediatrician.And most important other than me no one in my family believes he is doing anything wrong.My granny And dad says he is typical child.My husband agrees he misbehaves but he also think i am overreacting if i try to discuss it.It has been going since he is 18 months and according to his mother more.Am i overreacting ,Am i worrying over nothing ,Is it normal behaviour in everykid?Please help ,i am at wits end.I know he is very little but i can't help worrying but another parents advice can sooth me.And maybe help my child?
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