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Our son is 8 years old doing well on his meds. But if I could call him anything it would be Hyperativity Disorder. Yes, he as ADHD and has since he was 4. I'm dealing with the early morning routine, before his meds kick in. We have followed the same routine since he was 4 but he wanders around and dinks around in the mornings. We have a 1 hour window before we need to be in the van to leave. Any idea's on some new morning idea's?
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Name: grtmom | Date: Jan 29th, 2007 3:37 PM
have you tried a timer? My 9 year old adopted son has responded well to it. 5 MINUTES to brush teeth. Timer goes off - he's out, smiling and proud of himself. It also works well for the shower, as he used to stay in there over 45 minutes until we got him dow to 10 mins with the shower. When the time is getting close to getting out, I give him a warning. Believe me, if it could work for him, it could work for any kid. Best of luck, Deep Breaths. 

Name: Bluebird | Date: Jan 29th, 2007 4:41 PM
Thanks for the timer idea, I was thinking of it, just haven't done it though. Except that I could only give him 2 1/2 minutes to brush, because he plays in the water. Always have, maybe it is a sensory issue. He loves being timed, so this might work. Thanks 

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