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My son is 14 (nearly 15) and has ADHD. He was diagnosed when he started his middle school and is on medication but i don't feel its helping him much. His dr has only prescribed it for him to have when he's at school so when he's at home he is on no medication. He can get very angry and shouts and has threaterned me. It really upsets me. He also annoys me to the point where i burst into tears. I suffer with depression and am finding it hard to cope with him. He doesn't listen to me either. He's always late for school and I'm at my wits end. Could someone please give me some support or tips to help me re-connect with my son.
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Name: sam | Date: May 13th, 2012 3:06 PM
Don't worry. Your not on our own, I feel the same. My boy makes me cry too. As just dose not listen to me. I feel like iam banging my head on a wall and feel like doing it some times just to feel other pain than this one all the time... my boy is 7 and waiting for a our outcome of it all, but I think he has adhd and maybe others. 

Name: Sharon | Date: May 16th, 2012 4:39 AM
Dear Debbie,

I have a son that is 14 and has ADHD also. When he was younger I read alot of research and books on how to cope and handle dealing with him. The tips that I have learned that worked for me were to limit his ketchup, fruit juice and medicine (over the counter) that have the Red 40 dye in them because it can hype them up also. You have to be firm and look your son straight in the eye when you talk to him because hyperactive chikdren do not like this. When talking to him talk in the same tone when you want his attention and want him to do certain things. My son takes his Concerta on school days as welll. He has alot of energy that needs to be released so he plays video games, surfs the net, etc... Have you talked to a behavioral therapist about his anger. In the past with my son the medicine he was on caused anger and other behavioral problems. Good luck hope this helps. 

Name: monicafaulk | Date: May 23rd, 2012 4:50 PM
where is your location? 

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