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I was wondering if any parents have found these behaviors/characteristics in their child. Emily will be 5 next week. At age 1 1/2, she had several ear infections and the doctor recommended tubes be put in her ear. I can't remember if it was right after this surgery or if it was when she got a severe high grade fever, but I did see a change in her. FYI, her temperature reached 105 degrees and she developed a blood disorder in which her antibodies started killing off her blood cells (making it look like she had bruises). Anyway, the change that I noticed was that Emily had started to say a few words, and she said them very clearly. That seemed to vanish and by the time she was 3, she did not speak real words. I had her tested at our community school. They said that Emily was a visual learner and couldn't comprehend things verbally - like we were speaking a different language to her. After a few weeks of this special preschool program, I did see a big improvement. Emily started saying real words. Every few to several months she seems to reach another mile stone - which gives me some relief, but then I notice a younger child doing more than what Emily is doing and it makes me nervous. She showed no interest in potty training until she was 4. She is still not able to stay dry thoughout the night. When she was younger, she liked to line up her carebears and her little ponies. She would talk to them a little. I still find her toys in rows. Emily likes to go up to kids that she doesn't know and start talking to them. She does invade their personal space and puts her face too close to theirs. She just recently learned to count to 10 outloud. She knows things better when she sees them. For instance, she knows her ABC's, but she can't remember all the letters to the alphabet song. She likes to be in control, and likes to be the center of attention on her terms. For instance today we went to a kid musical and when all the kids were asked to go up on stage, Emily was the one who danced around the whole stage and followed the singer around. The other kids were more reserved. Emily can play by herself very well. She can sit and color without a problem. When watching tv, she gets absorbed - she appears to be glassy-eyed. You have to block her view to get her attention. Emily was a bit of a bully this past summer or tried to take over the show - if she saw a ball, she wanted to play and would take it. Emily enjoys playing on the computer and will play preschool games and does pretty good (memory, moving objects out of the way to get one carebear to the other carebear, puzzles, matching). Her teachers say that Emily does well on one-on-one settings, but when she gets in a group setting she doesn't stay focused. Between ages 2 1/2 to 4 1/2, Emily went through what I would consider the terrible two's/three's. If Emily didn't get her way, she would get an extremely angry face, stiffen up, tighten her jaw and demand her way. This happened almost daily. Thankfully, over the summer, this has mostly dissipated and it only happens once in awhile. Emily never showed any interest in learning to count or her ABC's until just a couple months ago. Emily attention span has increased when it comes to storytelling time. When she was 1 to 4, she would walk around or do other things when you read to her. Emily has always had extreme difficulty when you want to remove her from her current activity into another activity. Sometimes she's ok with it, especially if it's her decision. But, I find this to be a common issue for her. Another issue for her is being mean to animals. I don't know if she wants to be in control over them, but Emily pulls their tails, wants to touch their eyes, and gets in their face. She also wants them to love her and gets upset when they don't want to be near her because they are afraid of her. I have not known one dog yet to take to Emily yet. I've played the "waiting" game, seeing big leaps in her - thinking that because she is progressing, she is getting closer to being normal. Four months ago, though, I spoke to her pediatrician who talked to her IPSEP teacher, and her docter recommended that I get her tested for ADHD. I was thinking "autism" as I could recognize some of these traits in Emily - but the ADHD didn't stand out to me. Well, over the summer, the angry moods seem to dissipate and she started showing an interest in learning, so I delayed getting her tested. Her IPSEP teacher still says Emily has difficulty remaining focused in group activity. My gut says she wants to steal the attention and have everyone focus on her. She still goes up to strangers and talks to them and acts silly. They laugh, but I get embarrassed. Emily does have energy, but I can take her out to restaurants. Most of the time she behaves. So over the last few years, I thought that maybe Emily was "slow". When I talk with her, she just doesn't seem as normal as the other kids. Kind of goofy, weird - just a little odd. My gut is telling me it's not ADHD because she doesn't "bounce" off the walls. Any advice or similiar stories that you have would be very much appreciated. Sorry this was so long.
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Name: parksmomof4 | Date: Oct 8th, 2006 1:52 AM
Hi Cindy ~ I knew something wasn't quite right the older my son got. he did not follow direction (unless looking directly at us, and that was hard for him to do, very out there with himself, inappropriate behavior, etc.) With a great school district we started with there were alot of major changes in his life and that was why, then to an IQ test (1st one he tested borderline retarded because thaere was a fly in the room, 2nd one came back normal), next was a language processing evaluation (that too o.k.) finally add/adhd. We have a wonderful dr. who dx. him adhd, I couldn't understand why??? he doesn't "bounce" off the walls. But it is certain constant movement that makes it adhd. Plays with things, fingers, feet, hair, can't get comfortable, etc. Since we started concerta 1.5 yrs. ago there has been much improvement, with still along way to go. He will still tell anyone anything as long as they show a polite "interest", he has a hard time playing and making friends, because it's about what he wants. I hope some of this helps. [email protected] 

Name: fancy | Date: Oct 8th, 2006 4:40 AM
Hi I was told two years ago my seven year had ADHD and I couldnt beleive it because I thought he was a nornal boy but yes he was in trouble alot in school not listening or following directions had a hard time understanding anything you told him for ex. I could tell him to go get a certain book and he would come back looking like he was confussed about what I just ask him to go get I could tell him to go get a certain color he would come back still looking confussed like he didnt understand what I ask him to go get but his doctor said that was part of ADHD where his mind couldnt understand what he was told to do on some adys he seemed to be jumping off the walls but other days he seemed just slow but he did get tested and for you let your child get tested what would it hurt if she doent have it great and if she does then she will get the help shes crying out for thats what the doctors said to me about my son and also he even got tested though the school system and found out he even has a learning problem also so I would suggest just let your daughter get tested just for your sake of mind I hope I helped even if just a little my son now is doing great hes been on concerta for three months and the school and myself see a total difference in him hes not the same child he was before the medicine I hope evrything works out for you and your daughter good luck if you want to talk more just email me @ [email protected] 

Name: teresa | Date: Oct 9th, 2006 12:05 PM
Hey Cindy, there are two types of ADHD, hyper and the inability to focus. My daughter was diagnosed a year ago with the inability to focus. Have your child tested for your own peace of mind. They don't have to be bouncing off the walls to have ADHD. Good Luck. 

Name: steve | Date: Mar 12th, 2011 7:34 AM
he may only be asd which covers all autistic poeple check for high funtioning autism asperges 

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