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Name: Proud Mom of an ADHD Child
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Sorry for the title but I'm just so upset right know. I'm a stay at home mother of two children. My son has ADHD. So I come to this site and the sahm site while reading the postings one of the moms mentioned she has two kids with ADD. Well what upset me is one of the Moms posted that she as wrong that it must be ADHD and she feels sorry for her because those kids are just mean and hurt other children. I'm so sick of these self rightous IDIOTS. Do they not realize that your talking about children. Do they really think that our kids like getting in trouble. That they enjoy not having friends. I've seen my son struggle and cry. I've felt his pain. I've struggled and cryed and too read something as mean and hateful as that posting just really upset me. Thanks for listening I just needed to vent to people who would understand my hurt feelings.
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Name: Christina | Date: Nov 15th, 2005 8:11 PM
I feel your pain! I was in a doctor's office waiting room last week and there were 2 girls sitting there talking about her friends kid and how she has adhd! She started talking about how impulsive she was and that her friend needs to put her on meds. I sat there and bit my tongue because if I would've said something, it woul've got ugly! My son with adhd was with me and he was sitting in the play area being so good and just playing so quietly. When I looked at him, I just thought to myself, I have a son with adhd and yes he is on meds but I love him and it is the best thing for him. People just judge kids with adhd and they really don't know what it is like to live with that. It is not only hard for us as parents, but is really hard for the kids because they are constantly getting into trouble. Don't let your feelings get hurt. some people just aren't educated enough and it's almost too bad they haven't had to experience it first hand! 

Name: Louise | Date: Nov 29th, 2005 8:33 AM
I am wondering if there are any parents who would be willing to share their experiences as a parent to a child with ADHD with me. I am studying to work with children with ADHD in the classroom and your expertise would be greatly appreciated?? If you can my email is [email protected] Thanks 

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