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My son has been seeing a Psychiatrist for his behavior problems and recently was prescribed Risperdal. I am concerned about all the things I have been reading. Does anyone else have a child on this drug? Have you seen any improvments? Do you know of a natural alternative?
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Name: KathyK | Date: Apr 18th, 2007 5:22 PM
My son was 4 when he was diagnosed with O.D.D. He was put on all different types of medications. He was finally put on Risperdal and depakote. He has been on it for almost a year now and I have to tell you for him it is working. I have been watching for side effects and I have not seen any really. I did notice that his appetite has increased tremendously though. He could eat all day. I have had to change the way he eats (his diet)since he likes to eat so much. I think the meds make him hungry. Thank God he is so active that he has not gained weight but my niece was also on Risperdal and it made her gain alot of weight. You have to watch his weight and the doctor will monitor that as well. He gets weighed every time he goes to see him. It also does make him tired so I can't give it to him before school. He is in kindergarten and goes in the pm session, so I can't give it to him until he gets home at 3:30. Every child is different though and their bodies will respond differently to each drug that is used. Just keep an eye on him and if you see anything that is not normal or makes you worry, just call your doctor and they can change the medication. Sometimes it is trial and error with these meds.
Good luck I hope it works out good for your son

Name: pippy | Date: Apr 20th, 2007 6:04 PM
hi my 10year old son is on the same tablets i have had a few problems since he been on them he put on weight and he got to have blood tests as well but your child could be ok with them if you are worried ask the doctor what are the side affects 

Name: mommyofmatthew | Date: Apr 21st, 2007 4:45 AM
Thank you very much for sharing this information. I thought he was much to young to be on medication. I always attributed his behavior as "just being a boy" Thank you again and I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. 

Name: docmom | Date: Apr 25th, 2007 5:01 AM
My son was having trouble with violent outbursts during school. His pediatricion ( who is also a neurologist) put him on Rispiradal. It definately helped for a couple of months. He is trouble again but we are not sure if it is a medication thing or an attitude thing. If you want to talk more contact me at "[email protected] i am not sure I can help, but I will try. 

Name: tdeaks | Date: May 4th, 2007 9:45 AM
hi there i carnt really help with your issue but my son is 7 and has had dexphedimines ritalin clonidine and now has started respiradal afer the others failed he has been diagnosed with adhd and conduct disorder the reason im writting to you is i dont no much about the med but my son has only had 3 tabs and is walking arouund like a zombie and sleeping all the timee wondering how this med is affecting your child. my son is on 1mg tablet and people are teling me this may be to much also what the thing about weight gain carnt find much info on subject but lots about weight gain
would love to hear from you

Name: momgonecrazy | Date: May 7th, 2007 4:25 PM
I have 2 children that are on it. The only side effect I noticed was they were always thirsty after takeing it. The doctor only put them on it at night time to help they calm down so they could sleep at night. I don't know what others have said about the meds but I didnt have any problems with it, but like I said it was a bedtime med so they where asleep. I guess if he is takeing it in the day time I would just watch him close for alittle while. The biggest side effect my doctor told me about and told me to watch for was to watch for was if they started getting more agressive. I hope this helps you alittle. 

Name: mynie | Date: May 15th, 2007 6:55 AM

Name: alicia | Date: Jul 24th, 2009 2:04 AM
my three in a half year old was put on resperidal for screaming and having a fit for fourty five min over nothing. simple basic things like telling him to stop opening a door. he is mildly autistic too. he has been on it for a month now. my friends and family have noticed a dramatic change. hes a normal hyper little boy, just not screaming at me six times a day. the last few days though he has given me a hard time when he gets home from preschool. so not sure what to do. im not uping the dose if this doesnt work. please email me for support we all need it. [email protected] 

Name: delong | Date: Sep 3rd, 2009 8:24 PM
take him off of it it made me have low blood pressure and pass out 

Name: dianne Geist | Date: Sep 28th, 2009 10:17 PM
I just recently started my 4 year old daughter on risperdal. She was diaganoised bipolar and this is the first line of mediction that we have tried. She has been on it for 7 days now and so far we have seen an improvement in her overall behavior. I have noticed that her appetite has increased and a few of her ocd type behaviors seem to be a little more extreme. Anyone wants to chat or share information my e-mail is [email protected] 

Name: Dianne | Date: Sep 28th, 2009 10:21 PM
I just recently started my 4 year old daughter on risperdal. She was diaganoised bipolar and this is the first line of mediction that we have tried. She has been on it for 7 days now and so far we have seen an improvement in her overall behavior. I have noticed that her appetite has increased and a few of her ocd type behaviors seem to be a little more extreme. Anyone wants to chat or share information my e-mail is [email protected] 

Name: Barb | Date: Dec 23rd, 2009 5:22 AM
My son was on Medidate for about 2 weeks, seem to become worse. I video taped him having a major fit..very aggressive, angry and physical hurts me. My son is 6. His doctor prescribed him Risperdal 1 mg at bedtime for what she feels is ODD. I am praying for some relieft but very fearful of this medication. Any advice? 

Name: Dianne G | Date: Oct 5th, 2010 12:27 AM
Hi there,
I can understand your concern. After several years of debate we opted to medicate our five year old daughter. It was one of the most difficult, heartwrentching, necessary decisions that we have ever had to make. Risperdal was one of the first medications that was perscribed to our dear little girl. Since then others have been added and taken away to try and regain some of the initial improvements that we saw in the early stages of medication. I would love to chat with you so that we can share information.
[email protected] 

Name: Razzelpop | Date: Dec 21st, 2010 7:01 PM
My Boyfriend is also going through a similar situation. I don't know why your son is being suggeted to be on riperdal,but i found some information from a Dr. Temple Grandin. she has books, movies, PHD's and is severly autistic. it might be worth looking into 

Name: Holly Mellom | Date: Mar 17th, 2011 2:12 PM
My 4 year old just took my 9 year olds son, half pill of risperdal, because she said she was hungry. She climbed on the counter and grabbed it. Should I be concerned now or what??? 

Name: Sherwig | Date: May 19th, 2012 7:42 PM
I just wanted to reply to BAD TASTE. You are a total judgemental douche bag! My son is almost 4, and has something that causes him to go into violent rages, maybe aspergers. I have agonized, cried myself to sleep, prayed, bargained my own health for his and damn near become suicidally depressed over my baby boys health. I tried giving him supplements, i tried natural and herbal remedies, i tried behavioral therapy, i tried giving him more sleep, i tried cleaning his diet of likey food culprits. I have had him subjected to a brain mri, an eeg, countless lab tests and allergy testing. In the end my husband had to quit his job that he loved to stay home with my son when we were dismissed from the THIRD daycare. ALL TO TRY TO AVOID MEDICATING MY SON!!!!! My son is now trialing a tiny dose of risperidol and he is actually a smiling, happy little boy now. It is the first time i can say that aboit him. I love my child and would give my own life for him to be happy and healthy. This was no easy decision, in fact, it was the hardest decision ive ever had to make. So CHECK YOURSELF! You have NO RIGHT to judge me, you have not walked in my shoes!!!!!!! 

Name: jay&megs mom | Date: Aug 24th, 2012 11:10 AM
This is an old post..I hope some of you still check back. I have never posted to any help/discussion forum but I'm desperate to help my 4 yr old (will be 5yo in 1mos). I don't know if there are particular rules besides the obvious: courteous and clean. Maybe concise as well?? If so I apologize in advance for a dissertation. I believe explanation of my child's background are necessary to illicit the most accurate opinions or advice. I have talked to the so-called "experts" and researched the scholarly works but we as moms know the best advice comes from other moms.
Some background: we adopted our daughter Jaylee at 5mos old. We had some info on her care during pregnancy and infancy. She was an in-family adoption (my biological niece). The biological mother was very unfit to parent both mentally and emotionally. She received no prenatal care, smoked a pack+ of cigarettes per day, consumed alcohol at times (not daily), and smoked marijuana on occasion I believe. Neither the biological mother or father (my older brother) have physical abnormalities. I do, however, suspect both to have social, emotional, and behavioral issues. I can't verify for the maternal side; My brother is quite intelligent and has no learning disabilities. After the birth no maternal bonding occurred. And most heartbreaking of all...she made a habit of using a carrier seat as a babysitter. Jaylee spent most of her first 2 mos of life in a carrier...even during feeding where a bottle was propped with a blanket. When she finally arrived we were shocked and tore up because we knew instantly the severity of neglect when seeing the extreme flatness of her poor head from lying flat for so long. When my younger sister found out what was going on she stepped in to rescue her but so much emotional damage had already occurred...which we didn't fully realize at the time. After we finalized the adoption and got her for good everything was wonderful. She was a great baby and fit so well in the family. Of course she was spoiled beyond belief (against our better judgement) being the 1st grand baby for my husband`s parents and st girl in the family. Having had a rough childhood myself I reasoned that she deserved everything good because of what she'd been through.
Fast forward to 18 mos old and a new little sister (our biological daughter Meaghan 14mos younger) and that's when our perfect life turned into a nightmare. She started showing extreme separation anxiety, aggression, jealousy, nonstop whining, explosive tantrums, physical violence towards other children, slow development with fine motor skills, extreme hyperactivity and a complete lack of attention. We're no experts but know those 1st few mos of neglect played a part. We assumed it could only have minimal impact because she was young and we had given her so much to make up for things. We believed the biggest influence on her behavior was being royally spoiled by Nana & Papa. Although we always reminded them them of our wishes, it was a lost cause as most of us know. But how could we be justified in arguing their actions? These people of no biological relation or even previous acquaintance adored her before she even came to the family. We were sure we could undue any negative results of spoiling her through proper, consistent discipline....we were wrong! We tried everything short of meds. Timeouts, talking it out, ignoring bad behaviors, redirecting, taking away things she likes, counseling, giving more attention etc...we were at our breaking point. We could only have family babysit because she was just impossible for others to handle...not to mention she had been kicked out of every childcare center. I was also tortured the obvious lack of ability to bond with her. I felt like my own child didn't love me or see me as her mother (ridiculous thought I know). She paid us no mind if Nana or Papa were around. She always preferred them over us. Our frustration with just surviving day-to-day with Jaylee became unbearable and inhibited any attempts to change things. It seemed as if all we did was yell or correct her. I felt and still feel so guilty for not having enough patience, knowledge or experience to help her. One thing my husband and I agreed on no matter how dire things got was that we would not just medicate her into a zombie state so she didn't have the capacity to act out. I guess we both hoped that as she matured things would get better. We are both in the military and have strong moral convictions about drugs legal or not. We also have so many fears as we all do as parents. I want her to be able to pursue her dreams. I have first-hand knowledge (through my BA,MA, career field and personal experience) of what doctors and parents have done to children by giving meds to deal with every negative action. The physical, emotional and social effects can devastate a child's young life effecting so much into adulthood. Our choice was constantly challenged, even by family. Everyone was an armchair psychologist and said we should get her on meds. It got to a point that my husband had to tell his family to back off and stop trying to diagnose our child. All that being said; things finally hit bottom when we could no longer have family or one of us available to care for her. My military orders moved us to another state with no family or friends near. My husband was able to stay home for the 1st several mos but has since started a new career in law enforcement. In spite of all our sincere "non medicinal" efforts, nothing changed aside from growing stress and more gray hair. The severity of her behavior problems was staring us in the face and we were forced to do consider options we avoided for so long. We continued to wrestle with fear and guilt but knew the last viable option was to talk with a child psychiatrist and possibly try meds. That was a just over 6wks ago....her doctor has over 35 yrs of experience in child psychology and pioneered advancements in treatment practices. We are still in the testing phases so we don't know a diagnosis. She was scripted .5mg risperidone 2x a day. He assured us that it was an effective med to temporarily address the behaviors preventing us from putting her in childcare programs. He also said .5mg is a very small dose posing very little risk.
We started her on the med next day and by that eve we heard quiet in the house....something long forgotten. The angry outbursts dramatically subsided. For the 1st time in 3 1/2 yrs we witnessed a calm and happy child. We were the most relieved by the fact that she wasn't constantly beating up on our younger daughter like she used to. Sounds great right? Well almost 7wks later brings us to current day. It seems like shes developed some tolerance and some behaviors have returned although not nearly as extreme. She, like many of your children, has an insatiable appetite. She is normally very lean but starting to gain wt. She claims to be hungry from waking to bedtime. It has done nothing to treat the separation anxiety or impulsiveness. If she hits the anger threshold its as if she cant control the instant reaction to hit. In last 2wks she has hit 2 kids at school and will not mind the teacher. Amazingly she made it 5wks without hitting another child. She had previously never made it 2 hrs at the gym or church daycare without hitting. She is, however, calm a lot more than ever before but now i fear she is slowly regressing. Considering the journey over the last few yrs...if this is as good as it gets, i'll live with it. Her dr said we could increase the dose but I'm very worried about the effects.
Is a higher dose safe? Are there alternative treatments that don't cause hunger spikes? Are there any treatments that may help with the anxiety? I am really freaked out by the idea that my 4yo is taking a schizophrenia med in the 1st place. We don't know where to go from here. We don't want to lose the progress shes made or deny her another med that may help more because of our fear or ignorance. 

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