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My parents know my sister has ADHD. She is 12 in October and has not been taking her medicine since a year and a half ago. She really needs it. It makes her nautious and sleepy at first, but once she gets used to it, it's fine. She does not listen to anyone, she doesn't behave, and she has an attitude like you won't believe. When she took her meds she would listen, her grades would be up and she wouldn't foget what she was doing in mid-task. My parents won't make her take the medicine and it's affecting everyone. She's mean to my 7 year old sister, she yells and screams at my parents and she purposely makes my kids and the other grandkids cry. (The oldest grandkid is 6, my kids are 1 and 2.) I don't go over there and never babysit for her because she won't listen, and in turn my parents get mad at me.
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Name: Layne | Date: Jun 28th, 2006 11:39 PM
Im so sorry honey, unfortunately some people are in denile. This only hurts the adhd child and the family it lives with. if we didnt have our son on meds he would fair at home and especialy school. I wish I had the answers for you but as long as the guardian of the child wont follow through the child is the one to suffer. one idea though get some information on adhd and the success meds have and how no meds will cause years of grief for the child and the whole family. Im sure your parents would like a peaceful life. the sad truth is the younger siblings will pick up the negative behavior and history will repeat its self. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope your family will see medication is the only true answer for extreme cases. 

Name: Layne | Date: Jun 28th, 2006 11:41 PM
the child will fail- sorry for the miss spelling 

Name: Kim Mori | Date: Jun 29th, 2006 12:20 AM
Sounds like your stuck between a rock and a hard place! Your a mum now and you can see the responsabilities of a mother and the road your mum should be taking, good on you for standing up as a mum and a sister! I think you should have a heart to heart with your mum or both parents and just be truthful and say it how it is- that you wont be around til she starts her meds again and tell them of their resposabilities of being a parent and what that really means to the whole family and your poor little sister who needs help!

Name: Shauna | Date: Jun 29th, 2006 1:26 AM
Thanks you guys. It definately helps to get other peoples opinions on this. I'm going to try to get my kids' doctor to talk to my mom and dad. We all share a doctor. They won't listen to me about her even though they know I'm right. Their favorite thing to say is I'm overprotective of my kids and my sister doesn't have a problem. Hopefully they will get her back on it, seeing how it's effecting the other children in the family. Again, thank you both. 

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