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I found this site today. I am very depressed. I have an 11 year old daughter who is adhd. She is currently taking Concerta. Anyhow, the meds have helped a lot, but we still have an occasional outburst of uncontrollable anger. This last episode took place while I was at work. My husband was left to deal with it. She tends to be very violent. Breaking things, screaming, crying, ect. This last time, she attacked my husband. He cried. She laughed. He put her in her room. She got angrier and tried to run away. He prevented her from running off by carrying her back into the house. She struggled and ended up scrapping her shoulder on the door jam. The next day, she told her school that we abuse her! Now Child Services are involved. I am scared. I live for my kids. Now, they are all at risk of being removed. The police interviewed us and determined that there was no criminal activity, or whatever. But, Child Services want to interview each child alone and then the parents. Has anyone ever gone through this?

Desperate Mom.
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Name: Trinni | Date: Feb 28th, 2006 6:41 PM
you will be in my prayers 

Name: martha | Date: Mar 2nd, 2006 8:28 PM
She may have ODD which takes behavioral therapy. While she's having these outbursts it's hard to talk with her. But after she's calmed down, give her examples of ways she can respond. Also, extremely important is not reacting with a lot of emotion in your voice/tone. Get a doctor to check out this aspect and re-evaluate the meds. A doctor's evaluatioion should also help you out with Child Services as well. 

Name: HEATHER | Date: Mar 2nd, 2006 10:54 PM
HI I HAVE GONE THROUGH THIS I AM A 23 YR OLD MOTHER TO BE FIRST TIME...... when I was groing up I was ADHD i still am but not severe....listen to me i ran away for months at a time to diffrent states, I told my wonderful parents to F****k off constently i told people my dad beat me and my mother dident pay attention to me. i was always in trouble i couldent do math in school for the life of me went to so many counclers and theripast too many to count.......but needles to say I grew out of it as with age I love my parents I dont know what I would do with out them there both my world now I am 8 weeks pregnant and taking there advise hopeing my child will come out to be nothing like I was growing up....but to answer your question SHE WILL GROW OUT OF IT i promise give her more love kids with adhd need more love then you think...I know i know when I dident get my way I did whatever till I did or did it anyways...but just trust me on thin....anymore questions Ill be happy to answer them for you 

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