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Name: purpal2002002
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Hi I am new to this I have a 6 yr. old on concerta and I don't think it is working . I feel like I am lost don't know where to turn or to do .
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Name: Lucky | Date: Nov 27th, 2006 11:12 AM
Hi to you purpal. My name is Rachel and I joined this site last week.
My 8 year old was diagnosed last December and she was also put on concerta. We didnt have much joy with this so we have changed her medication and she is now on Equasym XL.
Because there are so many different strains of any behavioral conditions, you have to remember there are also lots of different meds to try.
Speak with your consultant and ask if the meds can be changed. Our daughter is now on her third different med so keep perservering. Just coz it has been prescribed for your little one, it dosent mean its the right one.
If u would like to keep in touch my email is [email protected].
I wish u lots of luck with your 6 year old.
Take care and keep in touch xx 

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