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We've been having issues at school so we decided to have my son tested for ADHD. We have been told that my 7 yo would be borderline ADHD, but with an IQ of 165, they expect some of these actions. So it is hard for them to tell me if my son is just highly gifted or if he is ADHD.

We decided today to start meds. I fully trust my pediatrician and asked what she would do for her child & that is what we went with! I've very nervous, as she thinks that his behavior is more normal for his IQ, plus he is younger, (he is in 2nd grade, but won't be 8 until he is in 3rd grade). She has a feeling that he isn't ADHD, but we decided that trying meds won't hurt, it could only help us try to figure out how to help him.

Please anyone with any insite please help as I'm very nervous about this. Our Pharmacy had to order his meds so we won't have them until tomorrow!
Thanks for any advice!
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